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    Hi. I'm about to do my first sync with the Treo 650 - basically sending my address book to the Treo. Will the "groups" in my address book correspond to the categories in the Treo contact list? Should I edit the categories list so it matches the groups list? Help?! Thanks.
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    I'm not sure on groups, but be forewarned, I had some problems with the 650 overwriting the contacts in Addressbook (and thus deleting them) so back up anything you want first... and I had trouble figuring out how to make the Addressbook overwrite the 650... I can't even remember how I solved it, but it seemed a little tricky.
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    in iSync select the Palm icon "your Treo HotSync ID" set to Mac to overwrite device on first sync. No AddressBook groups do not sync with categories.
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