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    What is the concensus for the best source for ebooks that can be read on the Palm platform, and the best reader utilities?
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    Originally posted by Winchell:
    Public Domain:
    Ditto - I agree. I also take text from other ebooks, on other sites (HTML) and convert them to the Peanut Reader format. (instructions on the site)

    *This just in* I just found out about another site - this one for short stories.
    I can't exactly recommend it yet, because I have checked it out yet myself.
    Happy reading!

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    (oops, double post)

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    I think fictionwise ( ) beats all
    the rest. But then again I love reading
    short stories on my visor. Peanutpress
    has huge prices compared to fictionwise,
    and I just don't like reading a 500 page
    novel on my visor. They also have top
    name authors in the sci-fi and fantasy
    genres, like Robert Silverberg. And great
    stories, many of them have won major awards.
    I've bought at least 30 stories there so
    far, and they keep adding new ones almost
    every day. Most cost less than a buck.

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    I also find that it's useful to convert some of the docs I find on the web into larger docs - instead of a separate doc for each chapter, make a big one with bookmarks. I love doing this (OK, I'm easily amused) because it highlights the benefits of having all of the RAM we do - on my old Palm III I had to swap chapters as I read them.

    On the mac, you can do this with Mac Palm Doc

    I assume that there are similar utilities for Windows.
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    Hi guys check this site out :
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    I tried MobiPocket. It was horrible (compared to something like iSilo, anyways). It worked perfectly fine,btu the screen repainting when going from page-to-page was incredibly slow!

    I know that doesn't sound like an important feature. But consider the situation where youa re reading mid-sentence at the end of the page, scroll down, and have to wait an unexpected long time to read the next page.

    Trinition (
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    Check out Qvadis at

    They have a large amount of Palm OS e-book resources, including

    <LI> a Library at
    <LI> an extensive set of reviewed links to other Palm e-text sites at
    <LI> a Palm e-Book-of-the-Month feature at

    ...and more!

    Qvadis also produce the Express Reader Pro set of products for viewing and editing DOC files on your PC and for reading on your Palm or Visor.

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