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    Using the Palm Desktop "Edit Users" command I changed the 600's name then named the 650 the same as the old one. After that I installed the Palm apps from scratch one by one or two by two, syncing each time. I left everything alone on the PC but disabled all the conduits.

    After the firts Hotsync of the 650, I went into each desktop application, logged on as the renamed 600 User, exported all the data, logged on as the original (and now 650) user and imported it back.

    For the next Hotsync after a particular package was installed on the phone, I would turn on that conduit. One problem: ePocrates was the straw that broke the camel's back. With all my apps and data installed on my 600 I have 5.9 mb left. On the 650 without ePocrates, I have 7.5 mb. Unfortunately when I install ePocrates, I go down to 400k. Everything that I could move to the SD card is already there. HELP!!!
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    Just saw this on the P1 page:

    **Call Log**
    "The Call Log on previous Treo smartphones was capable of storing information on hundreds of calls made or received. This information is NOT moved to the new Treo 650's Call History, so if there are any numbers in the Call Log that you haven't moved to your Contacts list yet, you should do so before upgrading. Once they're in your Contacts list and you synchronize, the new numbers will be transferred with the rest of your data when you upgrade.",Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,Case=obj(14403)

    I have Agendus 7.0 which also has a call log feature. When I get the T650 and upgrade to Agendus 9.0 (on my T600 first) will that basic call log info be lost as well?

    Anybody else have a way around this, to keep the call log history in tact, or are we SOL?!
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    Anybody else have a solution of keeping previous SMS threads from the T600 to the T650? This has been mentioned off and on the past few weeks. I was thinking one could beam the SMS files (i.e SMS 4085551212) from the T600 to the T650 using a file manager (I have a simple one in Silver Screen).
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    I noticed on one of Shadowmite's custom Rom's, there is a notepad app:
    Shadowmite ROM #5 - Improved 1.08

    I take it there is a difference between the notepad that is preinstalled in the T650 than what Shadowmite offers...
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    So my 650 took a vacation, I switched back to my 600 for a week, and my 650 seems to have returned. I would like to update the contact/calendar changes incorporated meantime from the 600 to the 650. Is that possible? I'm a Mac user and the new changes don't seem to be working with the 650.

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    I was looking thrrough these links...,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,Case=obj(14403)


    This surprised me:

    <<Have you done the very first setup steps? This article assumes you have already:

    +Learned about the new features of the Treo 650 smartphone
    +Charged your smartphone
    +Completed the initial device setup when you first turned it on (set Date & Time, tapped on the targets to calibrate the digitizer, etc.)
    +Made your first phone call to verify service>>

    Apparently P1 says you have to activate your T650 first before you can port data. This is a frustrating as I would like to get everything on the data side before I make any phone calls--and especially before people call me. Are there ways around this scenario?

    Example, when I ported data from a T600 to a T600 awhile back (LockLine replacement) I ported the data first, then did the ESN phone number swap.
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    Well, I took my own advice and ported the data first. Nothing bad happened! Although, I did follow the P1 instructions to the T and all my T600 apps STILL got ported to my T650. At first I was horrified that I mucked up my T650, but amazingly nothing bad happened...maybe the Palm OS is more stable than we thought. I also install the Northglide Uninstall Manager/clean-up bundle, what a great combo! No more deleting from the P1 main menu!!

    Oh, and my T600 Call Log DID get ported to my T650! Yae!
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