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    I am planning on getting a 650 and I was wondering about a couple of features:

    1) Can you use the 650 to dial-out to an ISP or say your workplace if they provide dialin access? Can it be done using bluetooth ? can it be done using the USB cable?

    2) Can the 650 use bluetooth/USB and use a laptop's internet connection to connect outside? (of course the laptop being connected on a LAN).

    - Sid
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    Search for and/or read any of the "DUN" threads...
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    I did read search and read many threads about DUN, but all these require data service from the phone service provider. Lets say I have a modem setup at home to receive calls and connected to a computer on a DSL line at home. Computer is configured to share the DSL net connection for dial-in users. Can I dial my home phone number from my 650 and get net access through my DSL line? Other than airtime minutes, you should not be charged anything extra, you don't need data subscription from the provider and this should allow unlimited data transfers, although at really slow speeds. At this point even a 56Kbps connect would be sweet.

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    Ok.. found the thread about reverse DUN, but still wondering about DUN without GPRS....
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    The answer is yes, but it requires some configurations. Check out: Reverse DUN at
    I setup mine but the bluetooth only works for 10 feet. Within the Reverse DUN, you will see a modification for a linksys bluetooth adapter that will give you 4000ft !! range. I will be doing that soon. Good luck.

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    BT DUN is great if you're stuck in a hotel room somewhere and you wanna access the internet using your laptop and mobile phone to avoid high charges by hotel web access. Any mobile phone with BT, or USB cable can be tethered. I tethered with my PPC6601, SX66 and v551 using BT just to see how it works, and check the speed. Some people report they will quit their ISP because they can tether. I won't. The speed factor is not too encouraging compared to cable or DSL.

    Depending on what system you use you can get 300~500kbps on Verizon EVDO, 140kbps on Sprint CDMA 1XRTT, 40~100kbps on GPRS, and around 140kbps on EDGE. I've tried them all, except Verizon, but other users on Verizon reported.

    At home I have broadband 11mbps, much faster than tethering, so I don't need to use BT DUN.

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