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    When I put people on speaker phone the sound quality is very low. Also when I put the back of the phone to my ear I hear hissing noise.

    Is anyone having this problem?
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    Mine crackled an popped, both in speakerphone and over the ear mode. Basically it's a cheap speaker. But T650 is not unique. Most cell manufacturers are going for low grade low cost speakers.
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    So all the T650ís have this problem? The reason why I ask is because I was thinking about returning it and getting another.

    Also on another note people have been telling me that I break up. And I'm usually on speaker phone when that happens.
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    The speaker actually reminds me of the Ipaq 6315 which I owned for about a week. Wow, talk about an unstable product/OS. I do remember some hissing on the Ipaq. Not surprisingly both the HP ipaqs and Treo 650 are manufactured by HTC. They could be using similar parts in the units.
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    Blackflux -

    I've been having the same problem with my speaker as well - sometimes I hear pops when in various applications. As far as the speakerphone goes, just remember that the mic is at the bottom on the front right corner, and the speaker is at the top on the back left. If you turn the phone to the back to listen, remember to turn it around front to speak into the mic. If you don't, the sound has to travel around the phone to hit the mic - which results in poor sound quality and breakups. At least this is my theory, and I have noticed better results when just keeping the phone face up during speakerphone calls.
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    the speakerphone is great. much better than the 600. it doesn't have the strange echo sound quality of the 600. there is a slight hissing sound but that is because the speaker is in the back of the phone. I turn the phone around and listen with the volume down. I find myself using the speaker phone more than the ear piece.
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    It sounds fine to me, and I've also been playing music through it (with PocketTunes). Very clear for such a little speaker, and good volume.
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    The speaker on my unlocked GSM Treo 650 exhibits the hissing noise, too. I hope p1 releases some software fix for it as well as to make both the earpiece and speaker louder.
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    My GSM 650 volume is just "low". I'd love to be able to have it louder. Is there any hint out there?

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