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    As the thread title suggests, palmOne needs to address the issues plaguing the Treo 650's bluetooth headset/handsfree implementation.

    It annoys me that whilst the Treo 650 is specified to support both Headset and Handsfree profiles, when paired with another headset which is also Handsfree compatible, you sometimes don't get Handsfree capabilities. Certain headsets work as Handsfree and some don't (even when they have been specified to support it). Why the discrepancy? Isn't bluetooth supposed to be a standard? As it is right now, we are relying on some brave soul to take the plunge and purchase a new headset and test it with the 650 in order to verify if it works correctly (i.e., Jabra BT800).

    This isn't the way you lure new customers, palmOne. Treo 650 is being pushed as a mainstream item but issues like these will only turn off smartphone newbies.

    This bugs me. I hope palmOne releases an update soon with a more 'standard' Handsfree implementation.
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    Agreed. Their bluetooth is really busted in this phone. I had to install a patch to even use it with Handsfree link in my Acura and it still isnt as good as it should be. About the headset I have a Mot HS810 and I am upset that it is not working as a handsfree headset. It works great on my Mot V600 phone. The headsets they have listed as working fine are not ones I would typically want. I tried the M2500 by Plantronics as suggested by Cingular, not good like a 5 sec delay before the audio is transferred to the headset so you miss the first part of the call. The phone should goto a handsfree mode instead of always trying to discover the headset on each call. Bad design. Palm needs to get with it.
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