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    I have installed the GSM patch for GSM Dun and am able to connect to the phone, dial, pass the username/pw screen but fail at the registering phone on network everytime. I have successfully used BT for Softick PPP going the other way, have installed PDANET and use it successfully, can sync over Bluetooth, etc all without problem.

    But no matter how I play with the DUN settings can not complete the connection over GPRS/Edge. I am using *99***1# as my phone number (as does PDANET) and, as I say get through everything but the registering on the network. I opened a log file and it looks like it fails to negotiate a protocol.

    Anyone else doing this with success? Any pointers on what I am missing. Everything I have read says it take 4-5 hours of playing, which I have now surpassed, but without success.

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    There are other threads here on the subject--assume you searched and read through them. The BT DUN worked fine for me with the Shadowmite patch and some tweaking of modem settings and the like.

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