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    Im new to the whole PDA/smartphone arena. When searching the web looking for the best bang for my buck I ran across this website. I want to thank everyone for their posts about the treo 650, b/c they have convinced me to buy one. I have a few questions that I hope can be answered. 1) Like I said Im new to the whole Palm format and dont want to have technical problems. Can anyone give me a list of some essent. apps, with the least amount of problems? Some things that are important to me are the basic func. like checking emails, running IM clients,and daily planner. I know this is all very basic stuff but Im a newbie that would like to make the most of out my device. 2) How much memory do I actually need? I dont plan on using it for mp3, but I would like to have pics and maybe just a few short video clips, but how much would be ideal to have? Any other advice for a newbie would be greatly appricated.
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    The 650 comes with a decent e-mail and planner application. Use them for a while and see if they meet your needs. As a long-time Palm user, I prefer DateBk5 for calendar/planner and SnapperMail for e-mail, but I would not call them essential.

    There are a number of IM clients available - I use VeriChat, which works well, but has a fee associated with it.

    I suggest not going crazy adding apps right away, though if you want to be entertained, do try Bejeweled 2 from Astraware. Be warned that it does have a rather large memory footprint, but it is just stunning on the 650.

    As for memory, you can never have too much. CompUSA has the SanDisk 1GB SD card on sale this week - not as low as I've seen the Lexar card on sale in the past (when I didn't buy), but lower than the "generic" cards I see at Pricewatch. It doesn't make sense to skimp here.
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    Also witch case would anyone prefer Vaja Leather Case with Ultraclip for Treo 650 or the otterbox 1900(cant get any good pictures to get a feel for its true size)?

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