Hi there.I need help with a very simple treo 650
application. There is program out there called slide show commander
that lets you control a powerpoint presentation from your palm handheld.
However, my presentation is not a power point presentation. All I need is an
app that emulates the left and right arrow keys and the pg up and pd down
key. What am looking for is an application that when I launch it on on treo
650 and press the right button on the 5 way nav, it will press the right
arrow key on my laptop by using the bluetooth connection. I am giving this
major presentation on Monday Morning and I need this application by Tomorrow
night. I am willing to pay $100 and can paypal it to the developer instantly. Please
let me know if you are interested or please forward this to any developer you know. My email is tj@mywakeuptunes.com. Thanks