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    It might just be my imagination, but I notice that after using my phone for a good number of hours ( mp3 playing, bluetoothheadset, web surfing) and the battery is showing red, it seems as if my treo heats up. When I touch the battery it just feels hot. Has anybody had these symptoms ?
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    Mine gets hot too. What is the type number on your battery.

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    Sorry for the delayed response. Be out for a while. My type number is 157-10014-00
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    All batteries get warm when used for excessive periods of time.
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    I think that there might be a borderline heat problem with some units, so maybe.

    I have the same battery that you have, and it'ds possible. I try not to browse a lot and charge at the same time.

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    That's pretty common for phones, from my experience. Happened on my Sanyo 4000, 4500, Samsung i300, Samsung i330, Treo 600, Treo 650...the radio generates some heat.
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    Mine did that a few days ago. Got warmer than normal, and the screen light went off. I could power down, and then turn the Treo back on, and the screen would light up again...but then it would darken again. Screen taps or keystrokes wouldn't light up the display once if went out. Weird. Luckily the sun was coming up so there was enough light to see everything on my display, but that was a first. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    at least, good thing its winter!!!

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