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    For the few Chinese users, do you have the same problem? It doesn't happen right away but after using couple days and with a soft reset, the phone goes into an infinite reset loop. Very annoying! Any fixes?
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    only if you use localization, i guess
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    nah, I don't use localization at all. What is strange is it doesn't happen right away but after couple of days. This is the second time, and I don't install too many 3rd party software either. The softwares I install include: zlauncher, penpower, cjkos, bejeweled, docs to go, IBM Java for Treo, Webviewer, Treo Select Text, and McPhiling.
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    Whay version of CJKOS you used? I got a version of 4.62 form developer. But I didn't try it because I still waitting for my unlock GSM Treo 650. You can email them to get this version. They will send you this version in one hour if they are not sleep :-). Note: this version is not official yet.
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    Well, that is the version (4.62) I got (came bundled with the 650 in HK), and in fact, I emailed CJKOS already. The reply is they don't really know why. Oh well. I am using the old version for my Treo 600, and right now, it seems quite stable. Will be able to tell after substantial use. The only difference I see the 4.62 and the one I got for 600 is you get to setup CJKOS at Prefs in the new version.
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    Hi yatbond!

    I am experiencing the exact same problem with ver. 4.62. Were you able to find a fix in the end or are you still using ver. 4.61 (for Treo 600)?
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    Issue I think is with sorting. You should turn off sort in CJKOS, than it should be fine. My still have resetting problems, with ANY SIM.... I now have a 650 that has nothing in it - not even a SIM, but it still reset once. I live in Taipei, but bought the phone in Singapore... I am tempted to try the Cingular upgrade...
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    my cjkos is working fine, no problem at all, I don't use localization, sorting is "on".
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    I used to use CJKOS 4.62 but I don't like it is sitting in prefs, so I switch to 4.61. Both are stable on my unlock GSM 650 (bought in USA). The infinit loop reset I guess is because after softreset 650 will launch the phone application by default and it will search the calendar database. If the database is corrupted, 650 will reset. So maybe it is because calendar database contain chinses charactor data which corrupted the database.
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    is there any significant difference between 4.61 and 4.62 ?
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    Alright. I ended up using 4.6.1 for awhile until it also causes an infinite reset loop but not as often. I think cschin is right, and the sorting is causing problem and if your database is corrupted you will get the reset loop. My way of fixing the problem is scan your database and remove any corrupted entries. I no longer have reset loop for the last month and a half. So it is safe to say it works. Pls.

    check out my other thread on how to scan the database:
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    Strange. Last time I encountered infinite reset loop was on CJKOS/3.x on sorting mechanism. I email the author about the problem and this guy came out with a patch within 24 hours! That was back in 2000.

    I've been using Treo 600 since 2002 and now Treo 650. While Treo 650 has a lot of problems, CJKOS is not one of them!!!

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