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    [Edit: I didn't see the other running thread on this issue - sorry for starting a new one - I'll put it into the other thread so you can delete this one if you want to]
    Marc - I'm posting this here as well as on your Chatter Forum.

    I have a new GSM 650 and for the past 48 hours have been getting regular reboots (at least once every couple of hours). Using 1.0 of Chatter Email in "classic" mode. The reboots happen regardless of whether Chatter is running or disconnected.

    I've removed Chatter and the 650 is more stable - will report more over night.

    Is anyone having success with a GSM 650 and ChatterEmail 1.0?
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    I also have an GSM 650 (unlocked) and have been having problems with chatter. Mainly in that it causes the phone to be abymsally slow. This is a brand new phone, with nothing other than chatter installed on it. I've just about given up on it for now because it's making the phone unusable.
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    csunracer - A slow phone is almost always a setup problem. You should send me a log, because these things are typically very easy to solve.

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    Marc, thanks for the advice. Where do I get the log file from that I need to send you? I'm going to reinstall chatter again tonight, follow the directions and see what happens.
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    There are logging instructions in the FAQ on this forum.

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    You were right Marc. It was a setup problem. I had to reinstall it a couple of times until I was able to get the right mailbox settings configured.It seems like if I inputted any wrong settings it was impossible to access the settings afterwards. After reinstalling and inputting the correct settings it seems to be working like a charm.
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    Great. I know that setup can sometimes be confusing...


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