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    Did PalmOne recently change the kb article about ringtone management?

    I don't remember reading this part before (under the voice recorder portion):

    Voice recorder ringtones do not work as Caller ID Ringtones
    Please note, you cannot assign voice recorder ringtones to Favorites as Caller ID Ringtones. If you do assign a voice recorder ringtone, you will hear the Default ringtone whenever that person calls you.
    But perhaps I just missed it.

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    You're right they changed it. That didn't use to be there!

    Hmm, I guess their "bug" has been changed to a "feature". Looks like no fix coming for this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bcaslis
    You're right they changed it. That didn't use to be there!

    Hmm, I guess their "bug" has been changed to a "feature". Looks like no fix coming for this!
    nice slight of hand, huh
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    You know that really fry's my bacon. I have not had the phone for very long, but that was one of the first things I found that annoyed me about it. So, I come here and find it is a known problem and wait for a fix from P1. Then, with no fan fare, instead of resolving the problem, they pretend it was the plan all along.

    I know most of you have been pissed off about this king of lack of dialog with P1 for much longer than I. I also know that the carrier is the one who is supposed to support the phone so there is really no way to get feedback to P1 about the phone directly.

    But! They do have a link to a survey about their support site. I took it and told them that I thought the support site was doing a **** poor job of addressing the many bugs on the Treo 650. At the end of the survey, they asked if I received support from any other sources and so I praised Treocentral.

    I least I feel better that I was able to tell them something.

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    I like how a $50 regular phone can do what a $600 smartphone cannot.

    Jeez. This is soooooo basic. Many phone have had this for YEARS.

    Way to go, F1!
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    Yup, I just found this problem yesterday. One more for the list.
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    What's next? The corded Palm Phone, just plug it into any RJ45 jack and you too can join the Treo revolution...
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    They also changed the suggested recording from "Hey, Larry's Calling!" to "Larry, pick up the phone!"

    This is a feature I was looking forward to when I bought the 650. They've pulled the rug out from under me. It's one thing to take your time in fixing it - but don't try to cover it up and make believe it was never promised in the first place! Looks like there's NO hope for a fix now.
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    Yup, and outta the box no MP3 past 3 phones have done this.
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    I wonder when PalmOne will learn that it is much cheaper to spend the money to create properly working, reliable software with great useability than to try to keep irate customers satisfied.
    The fact that they are better in this game than Microsoft should no lull them, they only have one eye opened a third, where they should have both eyes open.

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