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    I recommend mactheripper, dvision (for mac) and mmplayer (for treo).

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacUser
    But does it do so in the foreground, or like Chatter in the background? Chatter has been working great, with the expection of locking up my Treo on the few times that I don't click <OK> when I get a notification.

    Do you think Agendus Pro is worth the $40??
    I have n't been following this thread for a while.
    Agendus works perfect with .mac, except you run into problems with very large attachments, gets lazy.
    When agendus is checking mail, it is in the foreground . You can not access Treo functions except phone
    It does sync addressbook. I have never tried ical.
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    This is my list of applications and components that can communicate between the Mac OS X desktop and the Palm Treo. I use all of these on a Treo 600 except for just a few as noted below.

    I have posted a list like this somewhere on TreoCentral before, but my list keeps growing and the applications keep changing.


    I want it to sync the separate calendars in iCal to DateBook or Agendus and keep them categorized. Not bad though. It’s a necessity if you are using iCal or Address Book with Palm software.

    Missing Sync 4 for Palm OS

    Some nice stuff like Desktop Mounting on Mac OS X, which lets you transfer files way faster than a HotSync operation. The new 4.0 version comes with a TimeCopy conduit to keep your Treo’s clock in sync with your desktop. AvantGo, iTunes, iPhoto

    Also an iTunes plug-in that lets you copy AACs, MP3s, WAVs and Ogg Vorbis songs to your Treo.

    ALSO has great integration with iPhoto. If your Treo has an SD card and it is mounted on the desktop, all you have to do in iPhoto is hit Command-Shift-I to import or Command-Shift-E to export in order to shuttle images back and forth. Plus, with the new iPhoto plug-in that comes with version 4.0.4 the interaction is even more seamless.

    The 4.0 release ALSO has a MemoPad desktop application that syncs with Palm’s Memo Pad application. Yaayyy!!!

    Sync Buddy 2.0

    Sync Buddy is a backup and install management tool for Mac OS X users with Palm OS handhelds. It provides you with backups, installs and picture management. Sort of like The Missing Sync… onnnnnnly… it doesn’t synchronize, despite having a name of “Sync Buddy”. BUT, it can display the pictures and files your handheld contains with one click, then drag-and-drop to copy and install or delete.


    For syncing Calendar and To-Dos. Why-oh-why can’t Apple get it together and let the separate “calendars” sync up with “categories”. This really bugs me yet I continue to use it just because the interface is better than Palm Desktop or even Now Up-To-Date.

    Chronos Personal Organizer

    I tried this out back in 2003 to see if I could get an organizer that would sync contacts with multiple addresses and birthdays. Personal Organizer could do it… except all I had back then was a Treo 180 (even today with a Treo 600) and the Contacts application would not support birthdays while the iSync Palm conduit would not work with multiple address. So I crossed it off my list – $59.99 is pretty expensive when compared to Apple’s free iCal and Address Book.


    $119.95 is to expensive. I haven’t seriously considered this, especially given the infrequent updates and the fact that they still support Mac OS 8 & 9. Get with the times.

    Agendus Pro

    I purchased versions 7 and 8 (and continue to use both Agendus Mail and Agendus Pro version 8.0.6); I like the functionality and the simplicity. I like how tasks and to-dos roll when they are not completed yet and the templates do save time when putting something into your calendar. Version 9 has become complicated. Sure it has more features but at what cost. The “free time finder” is sort of cool I guess, but not really something I would use. The new memo features are way more complicated than what comes stock with the Palm OS.


    Lets you schedule online using that great equalizer known as the internet. Whether you are using Linux, Windows 95, Mac OS 7.1, Mac OS X… or whatever you are partial to, anyone can access and schedule online. Once you have an account, you can have access to the Mac OS X conduit for Palm handhelds. Have not used this.

    Address Book

    For syncing addresses and the like. Ehh, it’s OK. I use this in conjunction with iSync because this address book is used system-wide on OS X. That is convenient.


    It is so dumb that I even need this, but iSync will not take the birthdays from Address Book and sync them into iCal. Soooo, you need to get this program to do it for you. Really nice though – you can leave the settings at the default and let it fly.

    The default name of the Calendar they are placed in is “Birthdays” (appropriate). You can choose how you want the birthday alarms set up for visual messages, sounds and e-mails. There are other settings too.

    Sync Entourage-iCal

    Here is a possible solution in keeping iCal calendars in line with Datebook categories. Have not yet tried but I will eventually; unless Apple adds to iSync’s capabilities – or Missing Sync adds to theirs.

    “It allows you to maintain Entourage as your centralized Personal Information Manager while at the same time taking advantage of the direct access provided to iSync, iChat, iPod, .Mac online, and more by OS X's iCal. Almost all Entourage fields sync to iCal and back, with any unmapped fields recorded in event Notes. You can also sync Entourage reminders to iCal alarms, including Email alarms. You can keep both applications in constant synchronization by running the script at any time, or automatically every night if you wish.”


    This is an iSync conduit – it functions within iSync. It works with with Entourage, iCal, AddressBook, and .Mac. You can even keep 2 copies of Entourage in Sync with each other – one at work and one at home. Sync your Treo 650 categories with Entourage categories and iCal calendars and vice versa. Same for Address Book and Tasks.

    Right now though, I’m trying to figure out why it won’t sync events spanning midnight going from iSync to Entourage 2004. Both programs support this type of event but I can’t get them to synchronize. Aside from this, this is an incredible app to have everything synced up, INCLUDING Apple CALENDERS <--> Microsoft/Palm CATEGORIES.

    To start with though, I would recommend syncing between only 2 things at a time (ie. Turn off .Mac syncing and Palm device syncing when you are setting up with the initial sync of iCal to Entourage).


    Sync your Mac notes and journals and web clippings and pasteboard items and... all that kind of stuff. It uses Services (under the Apple menu) and has instant contextual menu functionality, has super-fast Apple style searching, tabbed note viewing, alarms and linking to and Address Book.

    The cool part is that you can sync your notes to another desktop or to a .Mac account or to an iPod or even your Treo (or any Palm device).


    At this point, I primarily use this desktop app to archive the Call Log database on my Treo so I can delete old records… and then view them later using TreoCallLog. Lets you analyze your usage. Like, maybe looking at the calls for the current month, the program will tell you how many minutes you have left in your plan. My billing cycle ends on the second day of each month, so in looking at my usage after just syncing a few minutes ago… I have… hmmm, I have 2 minutes left. Ohhh. Wellll… the program is “kinda” cool. It will also estimate what your total minutes would be by the end of the billing cycle based on your previous usage.


    This application and conduit actually lets you “sync” (in the true sense of the word) photos back and forth between handheld and desktop. Handheld also has pan and zoom along with JPG support for Treo 600 e-mail programs, and a nice, flexible browser. Also comes with it’s own desktop application but if you have the iPhoto plug-in that comes with The Missing Sync for Palm, I would just use that because it’s a better app all the way around. Or, you can actually just drag and drop between SplashPhoto and iPhoto.


    NOW AVAILABLE. This too now has a Mac desktop application along with a conduit. Just released this weekend. This is so cool. I love the “Types” pop-up for organization. And it uses 256-bit Blowfish encryption.

    Splash Shopper

    There is a Mac OS X desktop app for this too but you don’t need it. You can’t really walk around the kitchen with a desktop machine.


    Ahhh, the internet – the great equalizer. No Mac OS X desktop application needed here. Just share your photos online from your smartphone. Comes with a free online photoblog account at I really want to try this out but have yet to do so.

    Splash Money

    The new 4.0 version allows users to instantly download their most recent banking account activities through a wireless connection. Gives you two-way synchronization with the included desktop software along with bank account reconciliation and many other financial things. BUT, only a conduit is provides for Mac OS X, there is no actual Mac OS X SplashID desktop application. You have to use either Microsoft Excel or Money or Intuit’s Quicken.

    Pocket Quicken

    Let’s you instantly enter financial records. I have yet to try these finance management apps on my Treo; that is not to say that “I don’t need to”.

    DataViz Passwords Plus

    I don’t have this one but thought I would list it here as an alternative. Keeps your PINs, passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts, frequent flyer info and everything else locked up using 128-bit Blowfish encryption. Comes with the desktop app and synchronization as well.

    DataViz Documents To Go

    I will eventually upgrade to get the desktop interface (to go with Microsoft Office), but at this point, I have only used the free applications that came with my Treo 600. They certainly have a wide range of choices to upgrade to though. Check it out:
    DataViz Office Professional - $89.99
    or DataViz Office - $69.99
    or Premium Edition - $49.99
    or Standard Edition - $29.99

    Wow! Some of those are getting expensive.
    If you are willing to pay money like that, I will go on to list the following, WHICH I personally have not tried.


    VizSync Address Book
    VizSync Date Book
    VizSync Memo Pad
    VizSync To Do List
    Idea Manager

    These are all cross-platform conduits to FileMaker Pro. Not plug-ins, just conduit functionality to link Palm stuff to FileMaker Pro on either Mac OS X or the Windows platform. I have not tried these nor would I recommend them to most. I am just posting them…
    I don’t know…
    I guess for a laugh because they’re each $70! Perhaps someone needs this kind of purely “business” oriented functionality though.

    FileMaker Mobile

    Syncs information between your Treo and local FileMaker Pro databases. Really clean layout. Love it. This consists of a conduit and Filemaker Pro plug-ins. The plug-ins let you choose which fields and such you will export from your main database. So essentially you have to save then sync. This 2 step process is fine though because it gives a chance to tailor your information that you move to the Treo.

    HanDBase Conduit for FileMaker Pro

    I have tried HanDBase with my Treo 180 but have not used it since. I use the FileMaker application and conduit, but maybe HanDBase would be better for others here.

    Kinoma Player EX

    Finally, MPEG-4 and AAC playback; but, it will cost ya. $19.99 just for the player. You have to pay even more just to encode the content but it does serve as a decent all around media player which includes JPEG viewing, QuickTime VR, 3GPP, MP4, MOV, MPEG-4 video, ADPCM and AAC audio

    Kinoma Producer EX

    The Mac OS X desktop app called Kinoma Producer creates and compresses content for use in the Palm OS Player. This will work on the Mac and is $29.99.

    Cleaner 6

    So… yeah. This will work for producing movies for the Treo too. This is a $550 Mac application that I do actually use for projects. It’s a high-end audio & video encoding app with professional filtering & encoding presets. They have a bunch of presets for Kinoma and it saves the resulting files as a .pdb document for playback using Kinoma Player for Palm. So if you wanted, you could skip the $29.99 for Kinoma Producer and go straight for the grand master of all encoding.

    Shadow Planner

    Excellent outliner/planner/organizer/whatever. Has a desktop app for Mac OS X called Shadow Desktop. The desktop app is functional enough, but not all that pretty and Mac-like. Fortunately, there is an option (albeit more expensive) that is far more intuitive and better looking to boot. Omni Outliner 3 (an incredible outlining application that sets quality standards in user interfaces for Mac OS X applications) can work with Shadow outlines. See next entry for more information.

    OmniShadow Plugin

    The OmniShadow Plugin for OmniOutliner is a set of action scripts that get installed and are available under OO’s Script menu.

    QueueSoft applications and conduits

    A bunch of different conduits and apps that might be worth checking out:

    One that is probably really handy is iPalmPhoto for accessing your photos that are backed up from syncing. You must go to the Camera’s preferences and check the box marked “Back up pictures during HotSync process” in order for this application to have photos to access and convert.

    iPalmMemo provides syncronization of Palm Memo Pad with their desktop application called iPalmMemo. I tried iPalmMemo once but it left a bad taste in my mouth. I screwed up and lost all my memos because I set up the conduit wrong and as luck would have it, I did not have a current backup (from syncing) at the time. I also used to use Queue Sync on my Treo 180 to transfer Microsoft Office Excel documents to MobileDB documents on the Treo 180. Surprised that Microsoft has not put the kibosh on this yet. On the other hand, you can probably now use Microsoft’s version if you want.


    Microsoft has conduits and such to sync the Treo with Entourage X or Entourage 2004.

    Time Courier 1.0 for Mac OS X

    Automatically sets the time on your handheld to match the time on your Mac with each Hot Sync operation (and your Mac can of course use a network time server to sync with an Atomic Clock via System Preferences). No separate Palm application, just a conduit.


    Allows you to automatically match your Palm OS clock to that of your desktop computer, so that your clocks always stay in-sync. This one utilizes a separate Palm application but works with both Windows and Mac OS platforms.

    Mail Courier 1.1 for Mac OS X

    Synchronize your emails between Entourage v.X and Palm Mail.


    Works through iTunes. Play audiobooks, radio programs, audio magazines and newspapers on your Treo 600. Tough to track this down for the Mac platform though. Follow these instructions to get the app for your Treo and the plug-in for iTunes that will let the Mac and the Treo smoothly communicate:
    1. Click on Help Center in upper right-hand corner of main page. 2. Then click on “Find an Answer”
    3. Enter the following phrase (without the quotation marks) into the Search Text field: “How to enable support for Audible on my Palm-based handheld for Macintosh”
    4. Then click subject 1
    5. Scroll to the bottom of the resulting page and look for “File Attachments”

    This is the only place on their website to get this file. How inane!?! Once loaded though, your Treo will show up in the “Source” window of iTunes and you can freely transfer your stuff back and forth.

    The only logistics involved is to have iTunes running and THEN start Audible on the Palm. When you start Audible on the Treo it connects instantly and the icons show up in iTunes within 2 seconds: one icon labeled “Palm OS 5 Handheld (Main)” and if you have a card, there is one labeled “Palm OS 5 Handheld (Card)”. It takes 2 minutes and about 10 seconds to transfer a 29MB Audible book, which is 8 hours of content. Keep in mind this is using a B&W 350Mhz G3 PowerMac (5 years old) so your speed may be better. Sign up for a trial membership and cancel within a month to get two free Audible books to use on your Treo or on your desktop. I went with The DaVinci Code (Unabridged) and The Second Coming of Steve Jobs.

    LipSync 2.0

    Sync Contacts, Calendars, and ToDo's between Lotus Notes, Apple iCal, the MacOS X Address Book, Apple iPod, PalmOS PDA's, cell phones…
    Do not know much about this as I do not use Lotus notes but I figured I would post it here since I was aware of it.


    The following description is from their site:

    “offline Web and e-book viewer for Palm OS® based handheld devices and PDAs and comes with Unix, Linux Windows and Mac OSX tools, scripts, and conduits that let you decide exactly what part of the World Wide Web you'd like to download onto your PDA (as long as they're in standard HTML or text format). These web pages are then processed, compressed, and transferred to the PDA for viewing by the Plucker viewer.

    Plucker supports many features, including clickable images pan and zoom, italic and narrow fonts (even hi-rez fonts), multiple concurrent databases, configurable display parameters and stylus options gestures and hardware button navigation.”

    You can do things like download the entire Celiac Recipe Database and even add to it. This app is more powerful and useful than the description reveals. It even comes with a distiller so you can essentially put anything on there that you want.

    Adobe Reader for Palm OS

    This consists of a separate Mac OS X desktop app that you have to run any PDFs through in order to actually view them on your Treo (or any Palm handheld for that matter). The unfortunate part is that the conduit doesn’t get installed and Adobe never fixed it.

    To get the conduit so everything automatically syncs you have to "control click" on the "Adobe Reader for Palm OS" application. That will pop up a menu, that includes the "Show Package Contents" option (this allows you to access items hidden inside the application packaging). The AcroConduit is in the Contents/SharedSupport/English folder. Copy this to the Library/Application Support/Palm HotSync/Conduits folder (you will need Admin rights to make this change). Now you can run the "Adode Reader for Palm OS" application and then sync with either HotSync or The Missing Sync.

    Palm Reader Pro for eBooks

    Mac OS X and Palm app for reading those ebooks – Treo or Mac.
    The Mac desktop app includes the Webster's New World Vest Pocket Dictionary AND the ability to create and swap background themes with your friends. Ooooooooooo. Oh brother, why would you want to read a novel on a computer screen?


    SanDisk makes this desktop app for Mac Os X that recovers files that were corrupted, formatted or deleted from digital media. I got this free when a mail order company was unable to deliver a 1GB SanDisk Ultra II SD memory card. They sent me this free software instead... along with an Ultra “III” card and a digital media carrying case.

    ScsShot for Macintosh

    Screen capture utility that syncs to your desktop while converting the image to either PICT, PNG or JPEG format, whichever you choose.


    Unzipp those compressed files found on the net or sent to your phone from that desktop compression in Panther or Tiger.


    Excellent file management tool with Mac like “folder flipper” navigation.

    Due Yesterday

    NoSleep Software, makers of FileZ, makes this student organizer too. It allows you to create, modify, delete and archive your class information on your Mac and then synchronize with your PalmOS handheld. I guess it can track assignments, classes, grades, teachers… and more. Have not tried as it really doesn’t fit my lifestyle.

    Studycard Studio 2.4

    This app lets you create, memorize and print multimedia, multilingual flashcards, quizzes and tutorials, including video, picture and sound identification, or spelling tests with speech. I haven’t tried this yet but I am planning on learning Italian, so I will be using this in conjunction with a couple of Italian audio books from Audible.

    The “Flip”, “Quiz”, “Slide Shows”, and their custom options are all supported; however, sound and video are not useable on the handheld. Maybe a future release – this is after all the first release that includes the companion application for Palm handhelds.


    SoundPix Mobile – Treo Edition lets you use the Treo’s camera to take a photo. With the application installed it then gives you the option to record sound for as long as your storage space allows. It actually embeds the sound into the photo file which is saved as a JPEG. I thought this was going to be too gimmicky but it is integrated really nicely. You can even record sound into existing JPEG files sitting on your Treo or on the SD card. These sound-pictures can then be sent to others through email, the web, IR beaming, or right to your desktop. There is a SoundPix Plug-in for Mac OS X browsers that will allow you to view these JPEG images and hear the audio embedded in them. Very cool for insurance purposes. I’m working on documenting personal possessions and including an annotation with each photo placing a purchase and replacement value along with the item description. I then plan to keep these JPEGs online – not in my house, in case it burns down. I like that there is no typing or writing involved – especially after putting this list together; sheesh. Oh, and it’s also fun to use on biking trips or just playing around to send stuff to friends.

    The Treo Mobile comes across as an executable so you have to find a PC to get it installed onto your Treo. Figured this is worth noting in a list of software to use for the Treo in combination with the Mac. But once it is on there, you CAN easily access the stuff.


    I use this in conjunction with PalmVNC. Well, I don’t really USE it per se. But it allows me to connect to my desktop and see it in a scrollable 160X160 pixel screen size. Very cool. I can see everything that is on my desktop and can use my computer while away just as I would if I was sitting down in front of it. I hadn’t really found a great practicality for this until about a month ago I needed to respond to a job requisition really quick. Logged into my home machine and e-mailed my Treo a previous letter I had used to then alter a bit and send off to the company. Didn’t actually get the job (yet) but it was satisfying to accomplish such a task.


    A small utility for the Treo to delete all sorts of unnecessary files and folders created by MAC OS X if a memory card is mounted as a drive – though not necessary if you have Missing Sync installed on your Treo.


    PalmFileEdit is designed to be a fast, easy way to create and edit palm files. Attributes can be modified in an intuitive way. Let’s you become the next Shadowmite (I personally have no idea what I am doing though)

    P.A.R. Pro

    This in conjunction with AppleScript would allow WAVE (.WAV) files to be copied over for use on the desktop. With the new version of The Missing Sync being scriptable, a person could easily just record a script to accomplish this. I just haven’t done it yet.

    I will end this list with an application that I cannot wait to try with a Treo that has good Bluetooth functionality:

    The Salling Clicker!

    Too much functionality to even begin to list here. This is what Bluetooth was meant to do. If we only had Bluetooth NOW.

    The rest of these Palm OS apps don’t have any complimenting desktop software but they are so good that I thought I would mention them here. I use all of them everyday (except for the games – no really; maybe once every month – got no time).

    TAKE phONE 2PhoneApps



    RNS::TST (TreoSelectText)



    Call Filter

    Rats & Spears

    Zap 2016!


    Warfare Incorporated

    Wow! I didn’t realize I have this much stuff until I compiled this list. There are only 5 of the above that I have not tried. The rest I stand by and would not hesitate to recommend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chick-Dance
    ChatterEmail works with IMAP emails, not POP3 email; perhaps that’s why .Mac isn’t doing the job. But if you want true push-mail ChatterEmail is the way to go. And it is real time: Test it and see.
    .Mac supports IMAP by default ever since OS X arrived.
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    Still looking for a time tracker that can sync. Ideally, importable by iBiz, or other popular project mgmt app.

    I found SDS Time, but it doesn't support hi-res, and is just 'OK'.
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    I did find this time tracking software, but it's crude-mentary
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chick-Dance
    If it is truly IMAP then it should work fine with Chatter Email.
    My .Mac mail gets sent to me flawlessly. I just need to figure out how to set up the folders and have it sync correctly.

    Anyone have any step-by-step directions for that?
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    Yes, I do.

    Step 1. Don't do it. You don't need to sync because it is automatically all there for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by archie
    Yes, I do.

    Step 1. Don't do it. You don't need to sync because it is automatically all there for you.
    So how do I have mail rules in Chatter for my incoming mail to go to the folders I set up on my .Mac IMAP account?

    Can I use PowerRun to put Chatter on my card, or will that interfere with my push delivery?

    Oh, thanks so much for your super-Mac list of applications. I would love to see you give the apps you've used a star rating system. That would be hot Personally, I can't believe how much cash I've blown on software with this new manic vice of mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacUser
    So how do I have mail rules in Chatter for my incoming mail to go to the folders I set up on my .Mac IMAP account?

    Can I use PowerRun to put Chatter on my card, or will that interfere with my push delivery?

    Oh, thanks so much for your super-Mac list of applications. I would love to see you give the apps you've used a star rating system. That would be hot Personally, I can't believe how much cash I've blown on software with this new manic vice of mine.
    I'm not quiet sure about how to set up the folders for chatter either. I'm trying to get everything ready (laptop wise and fastmail account wise) so that I can use the chattermail program.

    I currently have all pop accounts (about 3) which I plan on not using in a pop fashion anymore. I use entourage and was able to establish an imap folder group which works with Not bad.

    My thought regarding the folder setup was to organize my folders on the fastmail server just like I have them on my entourage client (about 18 different folders from business to personal etc.) and then have chatter allow me to see those emails in the various folders when I need to have access to them. Which I'm assuming chatter will have the folder tree/hierarchy viewable like it is on the server. Yes?

    If this doesn't make sense please help out as I'm just about to get started setting this all up.

    Regarding the sync issue and folders:is the way to go to only sync the inbox and then manually update folders info if you need to get into those folders emails?

    Also, which version of chatter are you guys running?
    How stable has it been for you?

    Sorry for the lengthy post...just looking for anyones tips who is using chattermail.

    Thanks guys...
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    Wow! I remember SyncBuddy back in OS 9 / Palm OS 3.x days, and just tried 2.0 and I'm MASSIVELY impressed. Sort of like Bluetooth Drive Mode with Internal RAM, hidden RAM and ROM access but all Aqualike and stuff
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    Wait a sec; it can 'see' the Treo directory-like, as in a drive, via Bluetooth? DO TELL!!

    Quote Originally Posted by jaydisc
    Wow! I remember SyncBuddy back in OS 9 / Palm OS 3.x days, and just tried 2.0 and I'm MASSIVELY impressed. Sort of like Bluetooth Drive Mode with Internal RAM, hidden RAM and ROM access but all Aqualike and stuff
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    Read my post above (#43). Granted it is pretty lengthy, but you might find some interesting stuff.
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    iomatic, that is correct. archie, yes, the credit does go to you. Cheers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by carbonnigel
    OK Here goes...

    1. Insert DVD into Mac
    2. Start Handbrake
    3. Rip DVD into hard drive
    4. Open ripped DVD in QT Pro
    5. Go to Export under file menu or press Apple E
    6. Export using 'Movie to 3G' setting
    7. Set the settings as follows:

    Video Setting:
    Video - MPEG-4
    Data rate - 192
    Frames per second - 15
    Key Frame - 24
    Size - Custom 320x240

    Audio - play with this, sometimes I find the (music) setting better and sometimes I find the (speech) setting better depending on the media

    Leave all the other settings as they are...

    When the file is converted I just pop it onto my SD card and play it through the Pics and Video app on the Treo 650...
    Hope this helps
    will these settings except on lower res for the 600, work on the 600? I would prefer to use qt pro as it seems more stable and reliable and I cannot for the life of me get dvision to produce a not choppy movie, but I guess it could be my sd card or mmplayer, but...just curious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iBug
    thank for the howto.
    it really helps us dumb guys.

    in the video panel of qtpro export prefs, "custom" size is grayed out.
    2 smaller sizes are all that is available.

    any thoughts, anyone?
    Ya, this stumped me also...

    But the next time I exported to Movie to 3G, Custom was already selected and I was able to edit the resolution. If I clicked Custom and selected something else I could not re-select it unless I cancelled and started the export again.

    For converting HD material etc. you could also play with the aspect a bit more to scale the video correct. I used 428x240 for an original aspect of 624x352 as a test and the aspect played correctly in the media player. If I used 320x240 then I think it would be stretched or squished. I know one of the default resolutions that I could select other than Custom turned out to be stretched vertically.

    Also, I don't know if this is mentioned but I believe you have to put the 3gp files in DCIM folder on the SD card for the media player to pick them up.
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    I just tried selecting custom on my Windows version of Quicktime and didn't seem to work the same. But I found a way - was able to select custom by clicking on the size pull-down and then pressing down arrow key a couple times and it enabled the w/h sizes to be edited. Maybe this trick will help on Mac also if what I posted above didn't work.
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    Sorry if this is the incorrect forum. I'm new to this. I have tried so many things but can not find how I can save and print my Instant Message log from my 650. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    I'd like to thank Archie for the most informative post EVER on Mac apps.

    Are you using the latest version of Filemaker Mobile with Filemaker 8? I'm thinking of taking the plunge and need to know if it is worth it.
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    Missing Sync 5.0 will now assign different iCal calendars separate Palm categories. Highly recommended!
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