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    My Blue Visor Deluxe is the first PDA I've ever owned. I got it last December and I'm still learning it's potential. Whenever I go to various software archives, I keep running across this thing called Hackmaster. Is this a recommended solution? Does it work with with the Visor? I know that a lot of software writers had to re-write their programs for Visor (omniremote springs to mind.) If this is a good thing to get for my Visor what are some "recommended hacks?"

    Thanks for your time and attention. I think I'll add my voice to the many who praise the help they've received on the Visor Central bulletin boards.


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    Being pretty new to the Palm OS myself, I don't consider myself an expert, but here's my understanding, and if I'm wrong, someone will set us straight:

    Hackmaster is a utility to handle the system "hacks" which are basically little utilities that slightly change the OS.

    It's not really a "solution" because there isn't really a "problem", it just lets you use some utilities that make the OS do things that people think it should have originally done. For example, I have a battery level hack installed which puts the percentage number in my battery icon (kinda cool).

    I haven't had any problems with Hackmaster. I'm not sure what you refer to when you say people had to re-wright programs for the Visor because it runs the same PalmOS as the PalmPilots. Maybe Omniremote had to change it's program because of the different IR location. I doubt it was an OS problem.

    Recommendations: I only have 2 or 3. BatteryLevel Hack, MiddleCaps Hack (makes your graffiti letters capital when a part of it crosses the line in the middle) and Menu Hack (lets you access the pull down menu by pressing on the application name instead of the silkscreen button)

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    Dave-- Calvin Parker's Palm FAQ (now over at has a topic on Hackmaster. That should give you some further insight on the usefulness, gotchas and other items on hacks.

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