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    Question: would it be possible to perform a Hotsync remotely over a WinHand connection?

    Problem: Since I've installed Win-Hand on my laptop (Toshiba Satellite), if I am away from my laptop for more than a few minutes, I experience a problem trying to "wake" it up. The usual WinHand login appear after a period of time but I can't type my password to unlock it. I then see an all blue screen which tells me that there was an error, citing "BAD_POOL_CALLER". Windows then proceeds to "dump physical memory to disk" and then restart itself. This only seems to happen if left for longer than a few minutes. I've disabled hibernation...should I also disable any other power mgmt settings, like monitor off time, hard disk off time, etc?
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    From my experience with Win-Hand, the blue screen is what you see when your system is communicating with the Win-Hand server and handheld device. There is a setting within the desktop setup for Win-Hand for the inactive time period and subsequent locking of the desktop - it is set at a default period of 10 minutes. The exact problem you are having is not occuring on my Toshiba Satellite. Darn!

    What I do like about the program is the ability to access any of the computers on the home wireless network. Four computers from one little handheld - it's neat.


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