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    I installed the Entourage conduit that came with the Office2004 CD and ran a sync, but nothing happened - well, one thing happened, TWO tasks that I created on Entourage as tests, transferred over to the Treo, but NONE of the other tasks (over 40) and NONE of the calendar dates transferred. I have the conduit set up to synchronize everything, and I have matching categories on Entourage and on the Treo. Any suggesions? Thanks!
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    Interesting. Have you tried to overwrite the treo for the first sync, then sync normally after that? I've noticed many issues with Entourage sync, especially with categories in the calendar. Also, you need to select the "enable sync with these new handhelds" checkbox to sync with the Treo. The missing sync guys say that right now they are just limited to the Entourage conduit that is developed by Microsoft. One thing that sucks is that when I enter a category on my Treo for calendar appointments, they disappear on the next sync.

    There are other small issues, like timezone problems, that will come up.

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