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    Does anything work the first time with Mac? . . or within sufficiently reasonable time, an instruction manual(s) and 1/2 a brain .. .so that one does not want to claw one's eyes out?

    After 20 years I am thinking no.

    Just bought a Treo 600 Palmone phone through Cingular. I have tried everything to simply hotsync and then see my pictures on my mac 0S9 desktop. (Assuming photos are on SD card?) . . .Tried downloading splashphoto but it only seems to work one way . .Mac to handheld.

    Do I have any options here besides e-mailing the pictures laboriously one by one .. or buying a separate sd card reader (starting to think this would just be easier)

    Also:Seem to be having a brain hemmorage when it comes to getting new ring tones on my handheld . .can't seem to use handheld internet to get to any site that will download any properly . .and not sure hwo to do it form desktop

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    Treo 600? OS 9? What century are you in, man?

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    Palm has never bothered to bundle a Mac card reader app into any of its hardware, Treo or no. And frankly, you are asking a 7 year old operating system (OS 9) to be fully compatible with an 16 month old phone. Even Windows won't do that.

    Missing Sync from Mark Space adds this functionality, but I am not sure if the version that does is OS 9 compatible. Do you have OS X? You could always boot into it to sync your Treo, and then return to OS 9 for your other needs.

    Your other option is:
    set Camera to save pictures to your SD card (the default is to save to the Treo's internal memory)
    get a OS 9 compatible card reader


    P.S. Can't help with the ringtones -- haven't bothered messing with them on my 5 day old Treo (yet).
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    Try iTreo. It might just be for OS X though.

    Why ARE you still using 9?
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    I know this won't help you much, but I'm using the Palm Desktop that came with my treo 650 on OS 10.3.8 and the pics and vids move over fine without any extra software (eg. Missing Sync)...

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