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    Is there an easy way to do this?
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    No need for bumping...

    From the GSM user's manual (pg 100 or 102 depending on model):

    Need to copy a contact to your SIM Phonebook?

    In Contacts, select the contact you want to copy, open the Record menu, and then select Export to SIM.
    It doesn't say whether they can be done en-masse however...
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    As the Treo's memory is a hundred times bigger than the average SIM card, you can easily fill up your SIM card with Treo contacts.

    The Treo's contact fields can also contain far more information.

    So it's not really practical to copy all your contacts to the SIM card.

    Better to have the richer information backed up to an SD card using Backupbuddy and also hotsynced on your desktop.

    Would have been nice to be able to do this en-masse, but for 95% of Treo users this is not really necessary, because of the reasons above.
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    The purpose of the sim is not for backup purposes, but for portability. It's to bring your phone number and your phonebook to another phone.

    Of course 32mb of data is not going to fit on a 64k SIM, thats not what its for. But will 300 names and numbers fit? Easily. When phones copy contacts to sim its usually just Name and Phone Number fields... nothing else.

    I don't really want to lug my $400 treo when I am out at night or doing outdoor stuff...I have another phone for that. So having all my numbers on the sim is very practical.

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    I'm interested in this too. Would help to get my numbers on my wifes new phone.

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    Same here. I'd find this very practical for reasons stated by mistersleepy. Anyone have a solution?
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    The lack of a method to easily copy from phone memory to SIM memory and vice versa is GLARING...I also hope to find a 3rd party utility to do this.

    ....In the meanwhile...borrow a Nokia phone, copy entries from the SIM to NOKIA phone memory en mass. The value of this is that you can copy back from phone memory to another SIM....I have about a half dozen SIMS...only one active SIM mind you, but with this method, you can move multiple entries at one time to whichever SIM I need.

    I understand about the memory limitations of SIM vs. Treo Contact memory, however, most users could fit the name and phone numbers of everyone we need on a 64K SIM.
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    Man I was hoping there would be a solution for this by now. It's a B!TCH to do it one at a time.

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