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    Is Business Connect compatible with Docs to Go? It seems when I receive documents or spreadsheets via BC email they do not open in DTG, nor does BC give me an option of opening them in DTG or downloading them, etc. Instead, i.e., spreadsheets open in some strange kind of simplistic word pad with no formating, etc. Bogus.
    Am I doing something wrong?
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    I answered my own question, but in case anyone is curious here's what Dataviz says:

    In order for Documents To Go to open attachments received through wireless e-mail, it requires that the e-mail program send the attachment to the Palm OS Exchange Manager on the handheld. At this time the Business Connect software provided by Sprint does not utilize the Exchange Manager which is built into the Palm OS. For this reason, Documents To Go is unable to open attachments received using the Business Connect Software.
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    for this reason- i use bc to get up to date email/calendar. versamail or chatter gets its turn when i need to view attachments. pretty soon i'm switching back to just chatter cause seven/sprint bc doesn't support all the features i'm looking for yet.
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    thanks for your question - and answer, I was wondering that too.

    hopefully an update will come soon.
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    I deleted BC. It stopped working and I still cant get it to work. Plus, you have to keep your desktop on to use it. Got snapper mail and have no problems

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