I have spent the last 2 days using ABIII on my Visor Deluxe. It is easy to overclock up to a benchmark of 283% from the "stock" 158%. The program is stable and really speeds up database programs. It is hard to go back to standard clock speeds even after 2 days. But the Speed Menu in the hack does not recognize programs in Springboard memory. They run at the speed to which AB is set. I find this is only a problem for Omniremote (software version). Daniel Wee, creator, suggested moving the program back the Visor where it will appear on the Speed menu, and then move it to the springboard. AB should then remember the setting. I have not done this yet, but I thought this might be helpful to others.
The other great feature is that now pictures in Album to Go and in Fireviewer no longer flicker even when the CPU speed is set at the stock 16 MHz. Streak hack did not work nearly as well as this program. For that reason alone it is a useful hack. Best of luck. I'm not at all connected to Mr. Wee, but I'm sold on this program. I can see my batteries discharging faster. Who cares? I'm a speed demon. The Visor feels like a Ferrari now. Find is incredibly fast.