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    I need to restore my 600 to factory default settings. How can I do this.

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    posting from my treo so quickes say....

    check the FAQ it's in there
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    The real answer is the battery disconnect reset.


    This is the (serious) reset for the T600.
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    Too complex! The easiest way for a Battery disconection reset:

    Just SPACE KEY-POWER BUTTON-RESET BUTTON (at the same time, of course)

    Works for me all the time.
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    Then there is also RESET BUTTON-DOWN PAD... Hold until the screen goes black then returns to a blank grey and then release the reset. This will remove eveything from the system but isn't as severe as a battery reset, so doesn't require mains power. I does clear software registration information also...
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    You press the wireless on/off button (the one next to the antenna in front of the SD slot) at the same time that you press the reset hole on the back. When it asks you if you want to erase all data you press whatever the "yes" is (I think it's the "up" on the 4-way button but it's been a while).

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