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    What are the essential/most helpful programs for university students out there? I've seen tons of different things on PalmGear H.Q. (the only place I know to donwload lots of programs) but I'd like to know which progs are actually GOOD.

    I'm preferably looking for freeware products which will cost me nothing except for the time it takes to download and put them on my Visor. I will only have the 2mb version, but I figure it should suit me fine.

    Thanks in advance for any replies!
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    Most of these are shareware, but all of them are great progs and come highly recommended.

    1)Four.Zero ( SH)
    Class/HW tracking.
    2)Due Yesterday ( SH)
    Class/HW tracking.
    3)Timetable ( SH)
    Time budgeting/tracking.
    4)Pedit (Not sure SH)
    Greatly improved memopad w/ DOC support.
    5)Avantgo ( FR)
    Offline web page viewing.
    6)Secure Memo ( FR)
    Industrial strength memo encryption.
    7)Datebk4 ( SH)
    Vastly improved Datebk.

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    I know it isn't free but as said above four.0 is definintly worth it from what I hear. I plan on getting a visor once they make a new model (while actually a few months after so they can work out some kinks) after I saw what my dads can do. I have talked to many students who have said that it was well worth the money...

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