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    Is there a way to setup my treo to hotsync using the net connection at like 2am? I'm getting to spend less and less time at my PC. And this would be a great feature.

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    have you looked at macroplay? it may be able to do what you want.
    -- berto
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    Just looked at it. It looks good, but how do I sync over the internet?

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    I found this:

    It is a little out dated, but it is pretty easy to figure out.

    But MAN, it is slloooww. But I guess if it is 2am is doesn't really matter.

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    I set it to go, then hopped in the shower. Then watched T.V. for 30 minutes. Made a BLT. Hit cancel, waiting another 10 minutes. FINALLY it was over.

    I opened AnalogX NetStat Live and the average incoming was 980B and outgoing was 650B.

    I have a GSM treo and I have no problems downloading or surfing the web. Why is it so slow? I have a cable modem and can download on my PC around 40K.

    I'm looking through all the options now to see if I set some option wrong.

    Any thoughts?

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    There's a program I used to use a LONG time ago (back in my Palm IIIxe days) that worked great. I just checked on and they still have it. You can find it here.

    It's called autosync. It says it's OS5 compliant now, so it should work. It even mentions syncing wirelessly as one of the updates. Let us know if it works...
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    If you have another PC at home, you can do a network sync with nothing more but hotsync. You would need to install hotsync on your home PC and imput the IP address of the machine you want to sync to into your treo, and use your home PC as a pass through.
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    I've dug through all the options, disabled anything on my phone that would use the connection, and it is still dirt slow. I turned off all of my pc firewall jazz and anything I can think of.

    Anyone have any ideas or this problem?

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