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    I just ordered the TomTom Navigator (with GPS), which I plan to use for street navigation. Does anyone have experience with topo maps and GPS on the Treo 650? I took another user's suggestion and tried Outdoor Navigator, but was disappointed to find that the maps looked too lo-res. Another product I've been looking into is Delorme's Topo USA 5.0--has anyone tried this? Are the maps higher res (graphically)?

    I want to use the topo maps primarily for hiking, mtn biking and camping...
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    I also am interested in the answer to this question. Has anyone ordered the TomTom GPS and then tried to use GPS topo maps with it. I want to have a good GPS street map system and an excellent Topo map system for hiking and naturally all rolled into one hardware system. I realize I will need to purchase 2 different software /map packages.

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    TomTom uses its own map storage format. To my knowledge, they don't sell topo maps - they are very street navigation focused.
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    Will DeLorme's Topo USA work with a TomTom GPSr?????

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