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    This thread is a comforting station for those who neglected to make, what others (including our significant other) consider, the right decisions this weekend and on Monday (Valentine's Day).

    I know from person experience that diehard Palm OS users can easily disregard special days to enjoy the fruits of the labor with their Palm OS handhelds.

    In fact Tracy from the Detroit Palm Users Group put it best when she said and wrote back on Feb 14, 2002, "This was our largest crowd ever--62 people, and on Valentine's Day! And to think that Scott and I almost canceled this meeting because we thought turnout might be low..."

    I know, for many of us, that Feb 14, 2005 is a special day because our beloved Treo 650 will arrive that day. But we must not lose sight of significant others this coming Monday.

    This thread serves two purposes:
    (1) Offer ideas, items, events that those who have been living in this forum (and therefore have not interacted with the real world for a week) can use to ensure that they do something nice for their special person on this special day.

    (2) Offer a place where those who neglected to follow the advice submitted can come and report how their focus on the Treo 650 got them in the doghouse.

    For the record the following are not recommended on Valentine's Day:

    1. Telling your mate you can't go out to dinner because you don't want to leave the 650 home charging alone (what if it reset and no one was there for it)

    2. Ordering take out food and eating a romantic dinner with a charging Treo 650 as a candle substitute

    3. Whispering "I love you" to the Treo 650 in ear shot of your mate

    4. Leaving the kids home alone so someone can be there when the delivery person arrives

    5. Taking the day off waiting for the delivery person and never leaving to get the gift because you might miss the driver

    6. Leaving late for the theater because you didn't order an auto adapter and you had to look for the auto power converter so you can take the power cord with you to charge on the go.

    7. Driving around and around the restaurant because your power adapter won't charge if the car is not running

    8. Spending all night looking inside the window of the express carrier's window because your 650 is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday

    Here are a couple of suggestions:

    1. Get her a PDA that helps with her eye shadow and\or lip gloss.
    2. Get her a Subscription to a NetFlix type service for purses

    Whether you make the right decision or the wrong one, we have your back.

    Carl. Signing off for the weekend. (I hope )
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