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    False alarm. T-Mo GPRS is down.
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    Hey all, well its been a few days since we have posted an update. We have been working really hard on getting the bugs worked login into the OWA Forms, handeling network errors programatically, an issues with deleting more then 30 items at a time, or the cell phone number addition issue.

    But we are very happy to say that RC 1.3a is out. This is an exciting release because it enables a technonlogy called HyperSyncTM which almost quadrupals network thruput. 1.3a also has a few network optimizations as well as an extended trial period from 15 to 30 days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dtdionne
    Active sync is a good product and it was VERY hard on us when we read the announcement that Palm was porting it to the 650I almost closed the doors here at Nextworks. It was the fact that we are porting NexChange to all Symbian based OSs as well as the RIM OS that kept us alive. There are close to 200,000,000 symbian based devices that will never be served in existence right now. All of them have a contacts DB and 99% of them have a Calendar DB that most dont know exists let alone use. We are going to release a symbian version called NexChange Ultra-lite for $19.99 that will enable those devices the luxury of synchronicity with Exchange for their Calendar and Contacts making them MUCH more useful.

    So the bottom line with our product, NexChange, was to leave the data center alone at all cost.

    David Dionne


    Hmmm... I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but Nokia has also recently announced an agreement with MS to lisence activesync:

    Nokia's Enterprise Solutions business group today announced that it has licensed Microsoft 's Exchange Server ActiveSync protocol. This will allow wireless and direct synchronization between Microsoft Exchange Server and future Nokia smartphones and wireless handhelds.
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    Just as a note, EAS is far from a solid enterprise solution. The easiest way I know to combat it is "You are going to trust Microsoft for the security of your email?" and "When was the last time you saw Microsoft's generousity in giving away a free product (don't say IE, that was long ago)". No public folders, no remote erase, unencypted database. EAS is a minor product...for now..that MSFT is using as a driver to get people to upgrade to Exchange 2003. Right now, less than 20% of the Exchange Servers are 2003, so EAS is a non-factor for the rest of the folks.
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    gfunkmagic, yeah we are aware of that.

    goodguy, you are exactly right on every point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dtdionne
    Great question mogulman, we actually disable the PIM conduits on install to prevent data loss or duplication with Hotsync.
    See, this is actually the part of Verizon's WirelessSync that I don't like. Since I have a CDMA Treo 600, I cannot receive phone calls while also receiving data. As I understand it, this is possible with GSM Treos.

    Anyway, because of this I do not keep a live data connection. I simply connect when I want to read my email and do a manual sync. Therefore if I'm at my desk all day and not on the road, it is conceivable that I won't do a wireless sync on my Treo. But I always HotSync before I leave the office. So, if there was a change to my Outlook and I never sync wirelessly and the HotSync PIMs are disabled, I will never get the changes.

    Now, VZW's WirelessSync not only disables the HotSync PIMs but it also installs it's own conduit that essentially sync's with the VZW server so that you will always be up-to-date even if you do not sync wirelessly. The problem I found with this is that is two-fold:

    1) It only syncs the last 30 days of my calendar by default, which is fie, but that meant it kept deleting anything older than that. I like keeping history in my calendar that goes back much farther than 30 days. This is probably something unique to VZWs product and could probably be fixed with a better conduit.

    2) I have Outlook on my home computer that I use to read my personal POP3 email. I have always synced my PDA with my work and home computers each day so that all my PIM data is in sync with both Outlooks. Using wireless PIM sync and VZW's PIM HotSync conduit, it got very confused. If I would add something to my Outlook calendar at home and do a traditional HotSync using Palm's conduits, it would of course make it to the device. But then when I did a sync at work going thru VZW's HotSync PIM conduits, it would not realize there was a new entry on the calendar and thus it would never get on my work calendar.

    Basically what I ended up doing was uninstalling the VZW HotSync conduits from my computer but leaving the WirelessSync app that pushed my email to VZW's servers. So, all I sync wirelessly is my email with a manual sync. Everything else is sync'd between my two Outlooks using Palm's conduits. The drawback of course is that I don't always have an up-to-date calendar, tasks, contacts, etc while on the road.

    Whew, sorry to be so long winded but I'm still looking for an ideal solution where I can sync to two different Outlooks (not reading the same Exchange server) like I've been doing since I had a Palm V.

    Thanks, looks like a great product, I'm interested to see where it goes.
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    dtdionne, I have a feature question for you. Does your application allow for address lookups on the exchange server? I know it can sync all of the contact information in my exchange address book, but can it perform lookups against the global exchange address book, like a blackberry? Just curious. Great work on developing this product by the way. Much needed!

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    jeeter, thanks...and yes, nexchange will pull the offline address book as well.
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    I don't want to pull the entire global address book. I just want to be able to perform selective lookups. Will it do that?
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    Where does it deposit the email? I'm looking to sync with our office Exchange server but need to send and receive email also. What "client" or program does it use to handle mail?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dtdionne
    jeeter, thanks...and yes, nexchange will pull the offline address book as well.
    I sure would not want that to happen, as ours contains over 50,000 - maybe over 100,000 - entries. Seems to me that more user selectivity is needed.
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    hey guys, sorry for the delayed response...we have had AMAZING developments from a business perspective and for some reason i am no longer receiving email notifications of updates to these threads.

    jeeter - yes it will be able to do that just like you can for phone numbers or text messages

    loanarranger - we have writting our own client

    shneor - oab retreival will be a user configurable option
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