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    I am a new Treo 650 user with Cingular. I need advice on which email service to purchase: Media Works, Snapper mail, etc. What is the VersaMail that is included?

    Thanks, Philip
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    Snappermail and VersaMail are email clients. They are programs that reside on your treo that allow you to pick up your email like you would usnig Outlook or Eudora on your desktop. MediaWorks is a plan from Cingular that allows your GPRS phone to have a data connection independant of your voice calls. If you don't have a data plan, your treo will need to use voice minutes to call up your ISP (Earthlink, AOL, etc.) and download your email using the treo like a modem. If you have mediaworks, once you have connected to data services, you can use VersaMail or SnapperMail (or Chatter if you have IMAP mail) to download your mail from your ISP.

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