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    I have been searching for a overclocking app that works on the Treo 600 to speed up some apps like video game emulators, but I still have not found one that works with the Treo 600. I e-mailed lightspeed to see if they had anything inthe works and this is what they had to say.

    "Hi Nevin,

    We have worked very hard to support the Treo600, probably put in a month work or so. The actual clocking work, but there is a Treo600 specific problem that we cannot seem to get around which stops of from releasing a Treo600 version. PalmOne can help us with this, but they have chosen not to do this at this moment.

    Best regards,
    Jonatan "

    Once again Palmone is putting up road blocks for application developers.
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    While it's never good to hear that your device is receiving little attention from the company which makes it, the real issue is likely resource availability. I suspect that there isn't a huge market for an overclocking utility for the Treo 600. Besides, the Treo 600 was designed with corporate customers in mind. It would make a poor gaming device anyway.

    Alan G

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