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    As I scan these threads everyday trying to
    gain insight into utilizing my Visor Dx to it's potential, I wonder: Wouldn't it be nice to have a webpage for FAQ's like best shareware, best doc reader, best games??....

    I have gleaned a ton of information from this site, but it seems the same questions arise.


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    Well, I'm anxiously awaiting visor central's new Software section if and when they get it up.

    I agree...the problem is too many site simply list the software, without putting anything into context.

    I think Visor central's product reviews (a combination of a writer and user reviews) could translate quite well to software. I'd also like to see side-by-side comparison of software in the same category (ala Macworld reviews).

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    Here are a few good sites:

    The second site is Jim's Palm Page. He has a lot of good comparisons. Check them out.


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