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    Now that I've got my GSM T650 unlocked, I'm on to other problems.

    Basically, after I hotsync with Microsoft Outlook, the phone freezes a lot (you get that white screen, or it just freezes on another of the screens), becomes low on memory, and when I dial numbers the phone resets itself instead of actually connecting to the number I wanted to dial.

    Has anyone else noticed these bugs?

    Is there anything we can do about them?
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    Try a search on each of your issues, all have been discussed.

    Oh yeah, $5 to shadowmite says your phone isnt really unlocked (unless you bought an unlocked phone)! search for "subsidy code"
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    Actually, if you do a search on a previous thread I started, you'll see that not only is my phone unlocked, but I also told others how to unlock theirs.

    Good luck unlocking yours as well; you just have to be persistent with Cingular.
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    My deepest apologies for not recognizing that it was you who suggested people lie to cingular in order to trick a rep into giving out the subsidy lock code and thereby getting something not paid for, an unlocked 650.

    Fair is fair, $5 to shadowmite for my lost bet.

    There IS a reason, however, that the unlocked phones cost more. The carriers really do subsidize the hardware costs in exchange for having a person "locked" to their company.

    If enough people do what you did, one of several bad things could happen. First, the carrier could just stop giving out the code altogether or make it EXTREMLY hard to ever get it. This hurts those with legitimate reasons to be given the code. Other codes or locks may start to get added making thing difficult. Ultimatly it could cause carriers to reduce or even eliminate the subsidy.

    I'm not claiming to be a saint, and the carriers are no Mother Terrisa, but I hope not too many people do what you suggested and, instead, pay for their unlocked treo.
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    Why should you pay extra for something you already bought?? It is not like geting the phone unlocked means the carrier will loose revenue, that is why they want a contract signed and the customer gets a phone for less than retail that is how they lock you to the comapny, by contract.

    I think the carriers should quit putting the wood to everyone and simply let people buy all phones unlocked, what's the difference? The contract is required to get the subsidized price on the equipment, its about the service not the equipment. They just want you to use your plan and keep the customer. Furthermore, if you switch carriers and do not require a phone since you have an unlocked phone they don't have to give the customer a subsidized phone which costs the carrier money. Locking phones is a bit of a scam which will end at some point once the masses of customers get tired of being told they need a new phone every time they turn around like switching from Cingular blue to Cingular Orange, it's BS.
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    I don't know you at all, so I'll refrain from calling you a liar or other derogatory names. I guess that's the problem with the Internet; no one really knows each other, so it's easy to jump to the wrong conclusion.

    For your information:

    1. I do have an international business, so I have a very legitimate reason for asking for the unlock code. Never did I suggest people should lie to Cingular. I didn't need to and don't condone the practice.

    2. Even if you do get the unlock code, you are still locked in to a one or two-year contract with Cingular. There is now way to leave unless you pay the early termination penalty, which, in effect, compensates the wireless company for the subsidized phone.

    3. There is no correlation between getting the unlock code and being a "bad" customer. It's not like you're stealing from the company. Even if you use another company's SIM card, you are still paying monthly fees to Cingular for the duration of your contract.

    4. Cingular is the one lying to us. If you call five customer service reps, you get five different answers. At least when those of us who need to travel overseas call them, we shoot straight from the hip. They usually say they don't have the unlock code, which is an outright lie.

    5. Even if you abide by their policy of getting the unlock code after 90 days, what is the point. Someone could theoretically wait 90 days, get the unlock code, and still pay the early termination fee. I have no intention of leaving Cingular; I like their service and coverage. I just don't want to pay exorbitant fees when I travel internationally, and neither should you. I even offered to pay them for three months' of service upfront, but they declined. What company doesn't want to get paid sooner? That shows how backward thinking they are.
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    When you pay 500+ for something it should not be locked period. Only in America are phones locked. If you buy a phone in asia they are not locked.
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    Cingular is willing (after many calls I found this out) to issue an unlock code after you are under contract for 90 days. This makes sense to me, in that they really want to lock you in to the service, not the phone. The phone is only an incentive to get your business - new business typically. After 90 days, you are in for the 2 year contract and can cancel but will be penalized.

    If you are already a Cingular customer for more than 90 days and get the phone, there is apparently no reason thay won't give the unlock code, other than CSRs that don't know the XXX from a hole in the wall. No trickery or lies needed, just insist on talking to a manager, let them know what their own policy is, and get your code.

    The reality is that you can always get your $700 phone unlocked ($600 if you ordered on the first day, but that's another thread). If you lock into service, you can get it for as low as $399.

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