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    After hearing about this policy I encouraged my wife to demand an upgrade from Sprint when the pixels on her 5th 600 started to crap out. Some of the other 600's we received in the Equip. Replacement Program were crappy refurbs or new ones with worse problems.
    It should be noted we have been ontime paying customers of a 2000 minute shared vision plan for over 2 years, which gave them incentive to keep us happy. Having a cingular650 to compete with now probably doesn't hurt either!
    After getting runaround from sprint phone-customer service, a reasonable store manager granted our request for a free upgrade to the 650 after we declined another lame 600. Patience pays off, the 650 was ordered yesterday for 3 business days delivery w/out using equip. replacement program. I originally posted this in the 650 forum, but thought it could be more useful here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rinkeedink
    After hearing about this policy I encouraged my wife to demand an upgrade from Sprint when the pixels on her 5th 600 started to crap out.
    Only 5 bad ones? You must have got lucky!
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    do you get a refurb or new 650?

    i just got a 600 (i opened it today), but i could "make it faulty" if i can get a new 650
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    They promised us a new 650. Some people have posted about refurbished 650's in the 650 hardware forum, but I can't believe there are that many out there yet. Anyhow, I don't condone "making" anything faulty to use the program.
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    My 4th treo 600 has crapped up. Im in new york, any one who can help get this free upgrade I would be very happy !.......

    Please my phone earpeice is faulty now lol it realy bad.....
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    I was given a brand new 600 via insurance. The keyboard was faulty. After taking it in 3 times to have it fixed, I was upgraded to a T650 by a really cute techy why sympathized with my struggle. But I'm of the female species fellas. Power. Best of luck.
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    Ok, so we got the 650 last night. Appears to be new, but suspiciously, sprint gave us no box or manual. They would only supply the installation cd and trade 650 wall charger and sync cable for 600 ones. They wouldn't give us a carcharger for a 'non-sprint' charger we bought on ebay when theirs failed. No wired headset or even a crummy BT250 bluetooth headset they have been giving away. Happily though, the phone physically appears flawless, though it did take a hard reset to stop the phone from soft resetting on my initial hotsync attempts. Not exactly confidence inspiring. Also had to call sprint to configure phone for vision service to work. All in all, seems well worth the hassle to stepup from what now seems a lame 600!
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    At the beginning of this thread you referanced hereing about this policy(replacing the faulty 600 with a 650). Where did you here about it and just what exactly is the policy as you understand it? I have had a 600 for over a year with know problems untill 2 weeks ago. I don't look forward to working through numerous refurbished 600's!

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