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    Hey People,
    I know I saw this somewhere, but can't find it anymore, I'm looking for a headset that I can plug into my Treo and my iPod at the same time that would let me switch to the Treo when a phone call comes in while I'm listening to the iPod.

    I find it quite annoying while I'm listening to the iPod, and a phone call comes in and I have to pull out the iPod, put it on pause, then pull out the Treo, answer the phone call, and then switch back to the iPod to resume with the music.

    I know I can listen to MP3s on my Treo in the first place but I'm listening to multi megabytes of stuff that would be too slow to put on the Treo.
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    Don't know if you're thinking of Skullcandy Link. I used to use one of these with my 7135 and iPod. The headset has two plugs - one 2.5mm for the phone and the other a stereo 3.5mm (or whatever the standard iPod jack takes). It worked well - until one of the plugs got broken (follow the link to the Link)
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    just curious chinnuts, what do you mean by too slow?
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