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    I am really stuck up at one point.I just wanted to know that how can we set the visor screen to 4bpp mode.The default setting is 1bpp .I am trying to display 16 level grey scale images on visor screen.
    At first I tried to set the LCD controller registers like the LCD Virtual Page Width Register and LCD panel interface configuaration register to 4bpp mode.But it doesn't work.The screen used to freeze
    when I try to display the image.I have to soft reset the visor.
    Then instead to directly manipulating the above registers I used the
    scrDisplayMode() function but then too the same thing use to happen.

    So looking forward for your response,

    shiva dubey
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    scrDisplayMode() only supports 2 bit (4 level) gray scale under Palm OS v3.1. It does not support 4 bit (16 level) until v3.3. As far as directly programming the Dragonball EZ registers, I do not have any experience.
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    Thanks, I was not knowing that scrDisplayMode
    dosen't support 4bpp.But as far as I know visor runs on palm os 3.1 ver.So do you have any other solution for how I display 4bpp images on visor screen.
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    I should have been a little clearer. PalmOS v3.1 does not support 4bpp gray scale. In order to do 4bpp gray scale on the Visor one has to directly program the Dragon Ball registers. Once one has crossed that line, none of the PalmOS API calls that draw to the screen will work. One has to do all the bit twiddling oneself. Alas I do not have any experience on the other side of that line.

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