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    Hi Gang

    I've searched, but to no avail. I need software for the 650 that will help me track my buisness trip info, ie
    Flt #'s
    Hote; Res
    Rental car

    etc etc etc

    Anyone have a pet program that works on the 650???
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    I think Worldmate might help with that

    **Might only be in Pro version
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    I just enter my trip as an appointment and put the related stuff in the associated note. Works fine for me. Seems ideal. What else are you looking for?
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    I've used Gulliver for years and found it does everything I need.
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    I've used Travel Tracker for years. Works well for me.
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    I wanted to track the same information and decided to buy SmartList To Go. Its not specifically travel tracking software, but you can create a customized database with exactly what you need. It will serve your purpose, as well as assist you with other things. If you decide to try, I'm happy to give you a copy of the SmartList I've already created for this purpose.

    You can download a demo of SmartList To Go at
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    I had difficulty with TravelTracker. I received a missing preferences message and was asked to re run the TravelSetup app, which I did 3 times. Completely uninstalled and started over, same result. Support and FAQ on the silverware websight is sketchy at best. It looks like this is what I want, as it appears with Gulliver you need to hand enter all of the itinerary data, which defeats the purpose.

    Any suggestions from seasoned TravelTracker users?

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    Send traveltracker support and email.
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    Thanksfor the suggestion scotttreo. I re downloaded from handango and got it to load. Something was corrupt in the first download. The program is thorough and has lots of bells and whistles. I think I just want to cut and paste my prepared itineraries. I travel so much it seems crazy to re enter existing itineraries.

    I like the fact that the itineraries are dropped into your calendar, and connecting flights and times are quickly available. I have access to itineraries from expedia, the airlines and an excel spreadsheet prepared by a secretary.

    Do any of these programs allow you to import any of the above? It may sound like just a few keystrokes, but I live on planes so I'm looking for the easy way out.
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    I think TravelTracker has a PC app that goes with it. Their Mac app is out dated so I can't use it. Check their site.

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