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    How can I edit the version of PhoneFavorites2DB.PDB that came with my Treo 650? There is one button Cingular put on there, which I can't delete or edit, and I would like to do one or the other. I've already tried using the Edit Favorites Button, but it doesn't allow me to edit or delete this one button. I tried PDAToolbox, but it says the file is encrypted. So any help at this point would be appreciated...

    What tools do the developer's on here recommend for writing Palm apps, and manipulating Palm databases?

    What are the recommended hacks to improve the stock T650 from Cingular?

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    I edited mine using Filez
    Treoing & Loving it
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    Thanks, I didn't see how to do that at first with filez, but I got it fixed now...

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