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    Does anyone know: is it possible to get a hard copy of the Visor user manual? Or, at least, a version I could d/l to my Visor?

    Adam B
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    I just downloaded & printed out the PDF file of the manual from HS site. Kinda tedious but effective...

    Built for comfort, not for speed...

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    Yeah, but printing seems like it'd take awhile, cant you just order it from handspring? The on CD manual is a major pain in the ***.
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    I can't believe you are looking at the manual. I am ashamed for you....

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    I heard Joe Hutsko is coming out with a basic Handspring Visor Book. It's available at in July, I believe.

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    I think Hanspring should at least give us the option of a manual. I printed out the pdf manual (it's on the CD) and it's almost 300 pages. After copying double sided and getting it bound at Kinko's, it's ALMOST smaller than my phone book.

    By the way, I'm not ashamed to admit I have looked at the manual. The Visor is usually self-explanatory, or easy enough to figure out, but sometimes there's 1 little question that the manual will help you with.

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    You should have made a few copies. I would have gladly paid you for a nicely bound Visor manual.

    It would be nice if Handspring offered us such an option. I'm sure they will soon enough; their customer service/relations are improving day by day.

    Adam B
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    The printing of manuals is a huge cost. For something as simple as the Visor, I think it makes sense to only put it out as a PDF file. Of course, it would have made MORE sense if they actually had it ON the Visor.

    Typically, I find 3rd party "manuals" better than the actual manuals should be able to find a Visor/Palm book at your local megabookstore that probably does a better job than the actual manual.

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    i found a great book on the palm computing platform that went over every program. it taught me many new things i never knew evan thoughi thought i knew how to use it fine it evan had a whole chapter on the visor
    its great but i forgot the title because i didnt buy it
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    I just found the "Handspring Visor for Dummies" for sale on Amazon (pre-orders for July).

    Does anyone have an advance copy? Reviews???

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    how much does the book cost???
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    I bought "PalmPilot The Ultimate Guide" by David Pogue. It says "Mastering Palm Organizers from Pilot 1000 to Palm VII" on the front. The price printed on the backis $29.95. I got it from Amazon, and can't remember what their price was.

    It is really useful. As I read it I highlighted stuff I wanted to return to -- and have done so a number of times. Lots of stuff I didn't know that I didn't know! It also comes with a CD with a bunch of stuff on it. Saves downloading time.
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    Actually spending time downloading files for a visor??? sounds like the poor man without broadband...

    How good is the book? actually worth me spending 30 bucks on it???
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    Originally posted by b1lanceman:
    how much does the book cost???
    Which book? (If you are asking about "Handspring Visor for Dummies", the pre-order price was $15.99 at the time I posted the above message/link.)
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    Hogues book "Palm Pilot, The ultimate guide" is now in it's second edition, and worth every penny. From tips on using the included apps, to detailed how-to's on every aspect of Palm computing, it is an invaluable resource if you are new to the PALM world. As a veteran PALM user, I found that there were things I hadn't even found, and the CD not only has the entire software catalog from the old PALM Central site, but includes Pogues's picks, the software that he has tested most extensively and recomends (which included some programs i never would have given a look if I hadn't read what he had to say about them).

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