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    Which one is better? O2 Mini (iMate Jam) or Treo 650?

    O2 Mini (iMate Jam)

    Treo 650

    Which one will you choose and why?

    Please lay out all the pros and cons of each PDA Phone.

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    which one do you prefer? apple or orange?
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!
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    Honestly, you can't get a completely objective opinion either here or on PPC boards. It really is going to come down to what is important to you. Do you:

    Want a keyboard to type emails, messages, or web addresses?
    Quad-band GSM to use anywhere or only tri-band?
    Palm OS for certain software applications?

    If the answer is yes to any then the Treo. If there are PPC applications that are must haves to you, then you want the O2 mini.

    Personally, I've used PPC devices in the past. While this one is smaller than before and therefore better as a phone, it still has (to me) fundamental flaws for phone use. No keypad and a lack of one handed control are just a shower stopper in my opinion for something that has primary duty as a phone. I also find all the apps that are most critical (PIM, phone, etc...) are much better on Palm OS than on PPC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolwol
    which one do you prefer? apple or orange?
    Lets just say I am new to both Palm and PPC.

    Which one will be better?

    Also I am hearing alot about the lockups and reset problem with the Treo 650. Is this a serious problem or will it be solved soon? Also are the problems mainly with the CDMA version of the phone? GSM version is better?

    How is the O2 Mini in terms of stability?
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    Can the Treo 650 open and read PDF files? I have lots of PDF files that I will probably store in my SD card. What is the max memory size the Treo 650 supports? 1GB?

    I know that wireless lan is not supported right now but how about for the O2 Mini?
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    The preference would ultimately be determined by yourself not others. The best arbiter and unbiased opinion is usually yourself.

    Try out the PPC phone and then the Treo 650 and see for youself. The phones usually has some trial period available.
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    Well, I can give a fair opinion...but it as with all opinions it may have some bias so I will tell you up front that as of right now I prefer the PPC OS over the Palm OS. However, the Treo 650 is a better hardware device than are any of the current PPC devices available.

    The Treo 650 has a great keyboard that makes it extremely easy to use the messaging features such as email and sms. The way that the Treo handles text messages is far better than the PPC does; the Treo has a more intuitive interface for this. The screen on the Treo is one of the best available. This is what you look at the most on a device like this and it pays to have a good one. I do have some gripes with the Treo 650 and the 600 as well due to the way they handle integration with Outlook. They do NOT provide full integration with Outlook, though they are very good. When they syncronize with the desktop PIM, some of the fields for contacts and calendar in Outlook do not make their way to the Treo. I found that if a person has two home addresses stored in Outlook, only the first would transfer to the Treo, ignoring the second one completely. In the calendar, reccurring appointments would be messed up (for lack of a better phrase) if I tried to edit the notes field for only one event in the reccurring cycle, whereas in Outlook and on the PPC this is completely possible to do.

    On the PPC side, I must say that the integration with Outlook is definitely the best. Contact information is COMPLETE and Calendar information is many times more useful than with the Treo. Something else I really enjoy is being able to write with Transcriber instead of being forced to use a thumb keyboard. This is an issue of preference, but for me using this feature is a big plus. However, the lack of a keyboard is a huge minus too! Sometimes it is simply much better and more accurate to enter information with a keyboard and having a PPC that does not have one can be quite annoying at those times. Some parts of the messaging services on the PPC are quite superior to those on the Treo, yet some things are worse. For example, downloading email takes longer on the PPC for some reason. I don't know why, but it has been this way for a long time. It is not too long of a wait, but when the Treo can do it so quickly I find it annoying that my PPC takes the extra time. However, things like meeting requests actually work on the PPC, but don't work at all on the Treo. Overall, I find that the PPC devices usually include more programs for business and education than do the Treos without taking applications that are available from thrid parties into consideration.

    These are not the only issues I have with the Treo 650 nor the PPC (I'm using an iPAQ 6315 right now), nor are the good points I mentioned the only good aspects of the devices. Rather, these are the things that came to mind first while typing and I'm sure others will point out some good and bad aspects of each...

    If I were to be choosing a device right now and needed an excellent PDA that had full Outlook integration and an professional apps right out of the box, I'd choose the PPC. However, if I were looking for a phone that was a very good PDA as well then I'd go for the Treo. The Treo is a better mix of phone and PDA than moswt of the PPCs, but it is not particularly good at either as you will find from the various complaints about it. The PPC is not as good a mix of phone and PDA, rather it is an excellent PDA and an ok phone (no button to dial with though). Right now, I wake up and have a choice of taking my Treo or my iPAQ, and despite the iPAQ being a larger device I have stuffed it into my pocket every single day I've had it, leaving the Treo on the nightstand. For someone else though, it might be the other way around.
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    It depends what you are after. For some reason Blackberry's or the Nokias seem popular with Indians in HK.

    I used a BB for years and switched to the treo last Jan as my BB bills were $100US a month.

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