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    According to Handheld Computing Weekly #37, Palm has purchased Actual Software, developers of MultiMail.

    Does anyone think this is good for the PalmOS (e.g., they might use the technology and pass it along to all users, so now I can read my entire e-mail, not just the first 8000 characters) or a bad thing (they bought it so they can kill it).

    Just wondering.

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    I think it is a great thing. Palm OS has a disadvantage in the market compared to PockeyPC because it does not have bundled apps like pocket word, pocket outlook etc.

    Our corp IT department is evaluating handhelds, and the perception is "Palm OS cannot even handle email attachments". Well yes it can, but you need to search for, install and configure add on apps like MultiMail.

    Better integrated apps, such as MultiMail and will help Palm in the enterprise market and high end consumer market.

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