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    Im a proud owner of this fascinating device we all know and love. However, after being a member of these forums for a few weeks now, Ive noticed some pretty hilarious (and often times pathetic) posts dealing with this obsession that we call the treo 650. I should know, as I myself have spent countless sleepless nights in the past pondering the existence of an 8-digit code to unlock my device and heroically release it from the chains of subsidization. For the sake of our sanity, and indeed our friends and loved ones, I think its time we poke fun at this entrancing little device.

    Follow my lead.

    You might be a treo 650 geek if....

    * You cant go 20 minutes wihtout checking versamail
    * You file a class action suit because the keys on your treo arent evenly lit
    * You get offended when someone refers to your device as a treo "600"
    * You carry your 650 like a trophy
    * You have e-grips
    * You spend hours shopping for the right screen protector
    * You cant sleep at night because Bluetooth DUN patch isnt perfected yet
    * You check treo|central every 5 minutes... but dont own a treo (yet)
    * You pride yourself on your software variety
    * Youve memorized your order and tracking number verbatim from palmOne
    * You see someone with another brand smartphone and feel sorry for them
    * You hired Pixar to design a custom splash screen

    and finally, you know youre a treo 650 geek if...

    * your reading this right now
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    Also add:

    * You have your Order Number, Order Date and Shipping Status as your signature
    * You spend $599 or $615 on a phone but still complain about all it's problems

    palmOne Treo 650 Unlocked GSM / Axalto 64k SIM / Cingular Nation 900 w/ Rollover / MEdia Net Unlimited /

    Phone Info: Firmware: 1.14 / Software: Treo650-1.05-ROW
    Accessories: palmOne Cradle Kit for Treo 650 / Free 128MB SD from palmOne / Cardo Scala 500 BT Headset / Krusell Classic & Horizontic Case / Brando Screen Protector
    On The Way: ???

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    * Brag to your coworkers that in the middle of the night you reach for your T650 more then your wife.
    * Look forward to a hard reset/reinstall weekend.
    * Develop phantom feelings of a vibrating phone on your hip when you're not wearing the phone.
    * hear coworkers whistle your ring tones.

    All the above is true, and to quote someone else "I am a dork".
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    For me, I knew I was a Treo Geek when I started using Verichat, Versamail and Xiino to browse the web and check email when I have my computer with an internet connection right in front of me. Now that's bad...
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    Wasn't there a similar thread few weeks ago.....
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    * Use the Treo for Kamasutra tips in the middle of sex
    * Chat while taking a crap using Verichat... "hey guys... guess where I'm at!"
    * Ignore your Xbox or PS2 and play Zap! or old Nintendo games on your Treo
    * Spend more money on accessories than clothes for an entire year
    * Hold the Treo in your hands more than your girlfriend's hands
    * Ignore your Sony 19" Xbrite monitor on your P4 3.4Ghz HT and insist doing all your work on the Treo instead
    * Hold your Treo in one hand to read off recepies and cook with the other
    * Pair it up with the Sony Vaio U750 and go online with BOTH at the same time
    * Spend hours converting anime to watch on the Treo overlooking the 19" Xbrite
    * Watching a bootleg movie on your Treo while in the theatre with that movie playing
    * Writing all this crap and still waiting for the F*CKING TREO TO ARRIVE!
    Palm III -> Sony Clie 73V + Sony Ericsson 610 -> Sony Ericcson P900 -> Nokia 6600 + IPAQ 4150 -> Treo 650 -> BenQ P50 -> Motorola Q -> Treo 755p -> HTC Titan (Sprint Mogul)
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Truth
    * You check treo|central every 5 minutes... but dont own a treo (yet)
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    Quote Originally Posted by TOstler
    * Develop phantom feelings of a vibrating phone on your hip when you're not wearing the phone.
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    If your reading this now..................
    "A man who drinks only water, has something to hide to his fellow man."

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    I'm just here for the fun, not for the Treo
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    1. If after spending a months, waiting for the phone you end up ordering it from Singapore and because of the Chinese New Year, you have the delivery delayed. So instead of getting it before you fly out to Jacksonville to see the Super Bowl... you have to wait until you get back to play with it.

    When you seriously consider skipping the Super Bowl... you know you have problems!

    2. Then after getting the darn thing, you spend 2-3 sleepless nights perfecting your "setup" and search for hours for the right color combination for your ZLauncher menus and setup.

    3. You bought accessories for the Treo 3 weeks before you had the phone.

    4. You have gone through 3 cases in less than a week.

    5. You are typing this message right now on the new Wireless Keyboard you just HAD to have.

    But, dang nabbit this device has far exceeded my expecations and I can't wait for week 2 of Treo geekery!
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    You already have your multiple cases and designs chosen for multiple occasions, almost as bad as a lady with not enough sexy shoes to please herself and the boys.

    You find yourself falling asleep while clutching your Treo

    Instead of checking your arms and stomach tighness in the mirror you pause to examine that small greasy blemish on your Treos screen from the chicken wings you just gobbled down

    When someone ponders what the weather might be tommorow you whip out your flashy Treo and show them the extended forecast in high res 320x320.

    When someone asks "How's the Wife and Kids"? you say "really good" and proceed to show them 20 cheezy video clips of your family saying "That better not be recording me"!!

    When you grow long thumbnails to make keyboard thumbing more efficient...and one night ask the wife if she has time too make your nails all pretty like her's

    When some kid says "Whoa dude thats a Siiiick phone!" you reply, "Phhh the next firmware update should fix everything"
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    If your tryin' to sue PalmOne!
    "A man who drinks only water, has something to hide to his fellow man."

    My beer blogs:

    Rev. Rhino on Flickr

    Rev. Rhino on Twitter
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    * You've bought more than two cases for your Treo and still looking for 'the really right one'

    * You talk to strangers you notice are using a Trea saying things like "Hey, how do you like yours" - as you pull yours out with a smile (Ok...I've done that twice now...).

    * You spend hours looking for small applications that you know will make your Treo just soooo more useful and valuable to you...

    * Start seeing resets as a 'feature'..
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    this is really pathetic
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    ...You can debate at length the pro's & con's of Snappermail vs Chatter and why the one you chose is most definately better.

    ...You never even tried Versamail on yor 650

    ...You post to this forum in reply to a, "You know you're a TreoGeek if..." Thread ...on your Treo.
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    when: . . .

    it seems like the only resets u have are when your trying to show of your beloved Treo 650 to drooling crowds . . . and 1 reset makes u loose your cool and apologize for the Treo.
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    when u go so far as to buy shares of PalmOne stock because "everyone will want one of these!"

    u force your wife to get a 650 against her will when she says "my 600 works fine"

    u force your spouse to attend the Treo roadshow to get a discount.

    u won't buy sprint treo insurance, but admit to others u will pay another $600 if it breaks to replace it.

    if you have to sit down because your knees are weak and your heart skipped a beat when u dropped your treo.

    u browse the web on your treo while watching TV or a movie.
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    * you have personally convinced someone to buy a treo.
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    *if you kiss it goodnight, cuddle with it, and tuck it in...and of course name it...dah crap im guilty of all such things
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