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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiffany
    * You spend hours looking for small applications that you know will make your Treo just soooo more useful and valuable to you...
    Is that the reverse lookup app you were looking for?

    * Start seeing resets as a 'feature'...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    btw, anyone know of a cheap flight to sf? i think i need to take a walking tour. of course taking pics with my treo.
    LOL, I just did a walking tour of Manhattan. Got some friends in SF....hmmm...and both Michelle and Tiffany live there. ROAD TRIP!!

    here for fare sales.

    Here's a pic from my recent trip....very disappointing pic from my 650. Wonder if I've got one of the phones w/ a crappy cam.
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    ..when your post count is over 1200..or 1300 or whatever...
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    ...when you have a screen cleaner/wipe cloth thing within 5 feet of you, at all times. One in the office desk. One in the home desk. One in the car. One in the man purse. One in the junk drawer downstairs (safely tucked away in its own zip close baggie, of course).
    And you think that's completely normal.

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    ...when you were definitely sure you would pass on the Treo 650 because of all the cr..p you read in these threads and wait for the next Treo 750, go to the Mall, ask a Cingular kiosk if they ever heard of the Treo 650, and the kid says "yes I just received 2 this morning", and you leave the mall with a big smile and a beautiful Treo 650 on one hand and a credit card bill of $450 on the other hand!!!!
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    *When you look forward to your next ****.

    *When you find yorself trying to **** more often (false alert, but at least I checked the weather in India!!)

    *When your 2 year old daughter wants to watch Elmo on your phone instead of on your 32 inch TV.

    *When you have 3 Treo 600s just sitting at home, just in case (gotta have backup don'tcha know?)
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    *if you spend more time reading this than you spend on your $615.00 treo
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    Quote Originally Posted by TOstler
    * hear coworkers whistle your ring tones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by robogobo
    *if you think owning one will give you a better chance of getting a date with Tiffany (that photo is so absolutely cute).
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Truth
    * You check treo|central every 5 minutes... but dont own a treo (yet)
    thats def me... im only 16 but have the same love for Treo650 as all of you... i sold my old Clie SJ33 and i have been working and working and working tryin to save up money for Treo650, still $81 to go.... ... so anxious
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