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    Interesting. Maybe because mine is an ATT version. Has like 15 different ISP's listed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tec_Toyz
    Just FYI, Mine does not have that large of a drop down list, I just checked it again and it only lists the one I mentioned above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rome
    I am a SBC/Yahoo customer as well. Don't use the standard yahoo setup, use the the set up to get your email.
    I'm on SBC Yahoo as well and I can't get my Treo 650 to pull any email. I'm using the exact same settings on my Treo as I do on my desktop w/Outlook Express but no luck
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    I have a normal Yahoo account ( ) and tried your server settings for sbcglobal and I was able to access yahoo on my 650 on AT&T/ Cingular. Is it cannot connect or gets an error after connecting?
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    Well, now today it will connect from the 650 but if I try to set up Versamail through the Palm Desktop it still will not connect from the software. I guess that is a trivial problem though if it will still continue to connect from the 650 itself...
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