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    I just upgraded from the Treo 600 to the 650 and I'm really disappointed with the new calendar/datebook. My 2 biggest complaints: (1) Limited views/layouts and (2) NO FLOATING EVENTS - AAHHHH!!! I used those as a task/things to do list that would automatically carry over to the next day until it was checked off. That way you could see this list right along with your appointments without having to toggle between 2 apps. You could also set an alarm to a floating event which would serve as an audible reminder to get busy on that task. I can't function without this feature! What can I do? Is Datebook 5 optimized for the Treo 600/650 yet? Other options?
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    Yes, datebk5 is optimized for the Treo 650. You need to go to the datebk5 website and find the link on the homepage for the newest beta designed especially for the 650.

    I've been using the 650 datebk5 beta without any problems.
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    Will datebk5 sync with your Outlook calendar?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShoNuff
    Will datebk5 sync with your Outlook calendar?
    Yes, it will! DateBk5 uses the same db as the default Calendar.

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    How much space does Datebook take up on the 650, where space is at premium?
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    App - Info. shows it as a little over 1 meg. BTW I got datebook 5 and I love it! Thanks for the recomendation

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