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    I really need help on this one. I had a few friends draw on my visor in the Diddlebug program. I saved them and it turns out that it's so good that the Utah Arts Festival wants to display it. However I have to get it to the PC into a jpeg or gif and the works. And use Photoshop to do stuff with it. Does anyone know how this can be done? Thanks in advance.
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    One possible way is to use SnapShot to capture that screen. The result is in ImageViewer format. There may be a way to convert this format to JPG or GIF.
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    Try DiddleEx... it extracts image from the Diddle/DiddleBug database for use on the PC... and it's free!

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    Okay, the DiddleEx works, but I have another problem. My teacher have more drawings and he sent me the .pdb file for me to convert it to bitmaps. He couldn't convert them himself because he only have a Mac. But the problem is the file is a .sit file, and when I changed the extension to .pdb the file doesn't work anymore. I only get blank images. Can someone help me with this problem?
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    "sit" is a kind of compressed file, like "zip" on PC. get them uncompressed first.
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    .SIT is a stuffit file. Sorta like ZIP files, but smaller. You can download the expander from:

    Aladdin has also ported their START bar application to the Palm OS as well:

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