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    I received my new 650 with Cingular service yesterday. After charging it up, I am trying to install the Palm Desktop software and perform the first hotsync. I am going from a Treo 300 with Sprint service to my new 650. After installing the Palm Desktop, I attempt to perform the first hotsync and cannot establish a connection with my PC. I have uninstalled the Palm Desktop, rebooted, done a soft reset of the 650, and reinstalled the Palm Desktop but still no connection. I have done this three or four times. I had a similar problem when I began using my Treo 300 with Sprint service, and the problem had something to do with the USB driver as I recall. Any advice?
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    When you right click the hotsync icon is USB selected?
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    Try turning the phone radio off. Try toggling the "next calendar event" display on the phone screen off. I frequently have to do either or both of these to get my 650 to establish a connection. Yeah, those things and soft resets have helped me get a Sync going. Grrrr... very annoying.


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