I have a Treo 650 from Sprint PCS, with the latest Palm Desktop, etc. I noticed recently that when I take pictures and move them to the card, they don't get moved to the "My Pictures" folder after a hotsync like they did before. Only if I leave them on the device do they get moved to the My Pictures folder, which is new. I use the Pics & Videos app to move them, and I have checked that they are going to the DCIM folder on the 1 GB card, so they're in the right place. Interestingly, I can see them in Palm Desktop's Media view, so they're syncing from the card, but just not being moved to My Pictures. Does anyone know how I can get that default behavior back?

Also, I had tried adding some conduits to be backed up in the Hotsync list using Tealbackup's Hotsync Manager function - I wonder if that had something to do with it? Anyway, it would be great if I could get photos and videos on the card back in the My Pictures folders - much more convenient.

Thanks for your help - I appreciate it!