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    I have "Sync Messages" set in my "Edit Mailbox" prefs. From reading the manual, I get the sense that this is supposed to cause deletions on the Treo or server to be reflected in the other. I have been deleting messages Treo over the past 3 days and, typically, when I login to my Fastmail account, those messages are gone.

    Today, after deleting on my Treo, I got home and logged into Fastmail only to find that the email I thought I deleted on the Treo (all of which disappeared from my Mailbox in Chatter on the Treo... there was never a service interruption or any sign that the delete was hindered) was still in my Inbox, but had a horizontal line through it. Through trial and error, I found that the "Purge Deleted" option in Fastmail cleared those all away.

    Obviously, it's not a hardship to press "Purge Deleted" in Fastmail. But, if it's supposed to be deleted, why is it still there? Also, why would it completely disappear on some days and remain with the line through it on other days?

    Can anyone help me understand this further, particularly if there are Chatter settings I need to change? I'm on a Treo650 with Sprint, using v1.0. Thanks in advance.
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    Deletion in the IMAP world simply means "mark this message deleted" and that's what Chatter does. In the "Other" screen of "Edit Mailbox" you can cause Chatter to automatically expunge deleted items.

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    Marc, sorry about that. I solved my own problem. It was painfully easy to simply use the Edit Mailbox -> Other options and check "Move Deleted Mail to..." and pick the Trash folder! It was almost too easy

    What I want is between the IMAP style "deletion" which is really marking the email with a line through it... and the expunge which completely wipes it off the server. I simply want my email moved from Inbox to Trash so that the Inbox remains clean and filled only with email that I intend to keep. I then have Trash automatically emptied weekly. This gives me time to go back and view email I have Trashed in a pinch. Regardless, Chatter clearly provides multiple customizable options and that is always a good thing!
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