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    I went to use TT and think I might have found a bug. Can someone test out TT and see if they can replicate please?

    It appears I can make it freeze-up (and make a past-paced clicking noise) every time I perform the following steps:
    Choose TT from Applications

    Choose New Trip

    Enter some data

    Choose New Item

    Choose Flight

    Click on either the Depart or Arrival airport

    I then am forced to do a soft reset. I've contacted Silverware, but I wanted to see if anyone else was having this problem. I have removed and reinstalled multiple times. Thanx.

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    I see the same behavior. It is actually not hung, if you wait long enough it will complete.

    I have a verizon treo 650 with the latest firmware.
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    Howdy- I've been a long time user of TT, using now on a Treo 650. It works fine- no freezes or problems. I'm actually just evaluating Worldmate from Mobimate.... Really nice program, and has a desktop component (for PC) as well. But TT works, I can get weather from other sources, and just can't justify paying $75-90 PER YEAR for this.

    As far as I know, TT's developer, Silverware, is no longer really doing much with TT. I really wish they put out a Mac OS X desktop version, but they only have a PC and old (Classic) Mac desktop. That said, it does still work. You should know there's a somewhat more recent upgrade (to version 3.7) that I found thru google, but is NOT available on their own website! It adds a bit more functions, but nothing major. But it supposedly is "more compatible" with the 650...If you want it, PM me and I'll send it to you (could not find a detailed list of changes anywhere).
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    Thanks so much! That seems to work.

    There were a couple of install problems.

    Last time I installed an upgrade running the setup program deleted some of my data.

    However, 3.7 does not run without correctly without running the setup program. It seems that I have not lost any data this time.

    Furthermore since 3.7 does not run correctly with 3.6 database on install, before I had the chance to run the setup program the treo immediately reboots after installing 3.7.

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