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    I thought we should share icons for things people might be looking for and don't have. I needed a bicycle and had not found one I liked. So anyone it is.

    Bicycle : 30407e42a5e7a542

    Anyone have others they would like to share? I also found the "Big Y" works great to designate football because it looks like a set of goal posts.
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    Thanks. Here's the bicycle I have been using:

    I'll try your and see which I prefer!
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    They look the same don't they? Same code anyway...

    How do you enter more icons? Do you have to kill some of the ones on there or can you add as many as you want?

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    Duh... I must have had a mental lapse. Sorry about that! Of course those are the same.... What I meant to type was:

    This code makes a picture of a guy riding on a bicycle. The other one is just a bicycle without a rider! They are both really kind of neat.
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    Another mental lapse. I forgot to answer your question. It appears to me that you are allowed a certain number of icons, and in order to install a new one, you have to get rid of an old one. But I didn't find that a problem, since there were some I would probably never use in any event.

    The icons are stored on your Visor in a memo on the memo pad entitled DATEBOOK3. There is another thread here (or perhaps it was on the Datebook 4 site) referencing several sites on the internet with icons. They are given as an alpha-numeric sequence which you then have to type in that memo file. Then the next time you open Datebook 4 the new memos are the ones that show up. It's really pretty simple.

    And very ingenious. It's amazing what some people can do with so few pixels!
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    Yes Datebook 4 is limited to 52 icons. If you don't want to lose Icons even if you are not using them, cut and paste them to a new memo called extra icons for later reference.

    There are sites that give you icons but it is fun to make up your own and sometimes necessary.

    Was just hoping some users would share some of their own. I will check out the other bicycle today.
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    Here are some of my favorite icons:


    You can also download a bunch of datebk3/4
    icon collections from They
    also have some nifty apps to view/edit icons
    on your PC or palm device.
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    There's a freeware icon editor called DBiced at . It's pretty nifty. You do have to swap icon's though...52's all you get.

    Built for comfort, not for speed...

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