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    When someone calls and I dig the phone out of my pocket I often either accidentally ignore the call or pick it up when I don't want to. Is there software out there where it disables the touch screen or something?

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    Yes, it is on your phone disable to digitizer during phone calls, not sure where you do it off hand, check your manual.
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    go to preferences and then go to keyguard
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    You might want to at something like TreoGuard.
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    I would suggest ScreenCare. I modified my original design to solve this exact issue. In ScreenCare, you can have the palm screen black out during a call and at the same time have the option to:

    • Map out key presses
    • Map out hard button/5-way presses
    • Map out screen touches
    • Only allow double-taps to wake up the screen and re-enable all buttons
    Obviously you would probably not want to do all three but you could.

    The time to lock the device is configurable. Then each time the device is locked during a call, you can wake it up with a double screen tap. When you do this all the buttons are again usable. Then after X seconds, the device will automatically relock again. The other nice thing is that you still have use of your volume keys when the device is locked. Lastly, you can configure the locking to *only* happen if you are using a BlueTooth headset. How about that for a solution???

    You also get all of the other need functions of ScreenCare!

    You can find the application and more detailed information in my developer's forum here at TreoCentral

    GoTreo Software Forum

    Hope this helps.....


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